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C harles D arwin U niversity

C harles D arwin U niversity

A Message from Your

A Message from Your Student Union Graduation is a time for celebration, reflection and formal recognition of your achievements. A time to savour the applause and ceremony in front of your peers, friends and family. I hope you have enjoyed your time at Charles Darwin University. The Students’ Union thanks you for your contribution to the University community, for your participation and involvement and your dedication to complete your course paving the way as a model for future graduates. The Students’ Union hopes that your reflections on your time with us are fond memories. Your experiences as a student at Charles Darwin University were the direct result of students like yourself making a difference. We hope you will be good ambassadors of the Charles Darwin University and its faculties. The Students’ Union hopes the services we provided helped alleviate some of the pressures of university life and in some way impacted positively on your educational and social experience here at Charles Darwin University. Congratulations to all graduates on behalf of the Charles Darwin Students’ Union and we wish you all the best of luck in your future professional careers. Kent Rowe President Charles Darwin University– Students’ Union May - June Graduation Ceremonies 2005 5 C h a r l e s D a r w i n U n i v e r s i t y

6 C h a r l e s D a r w i n U n i v e r s i t y Australian Federation of University Women Inc Northern Territory The Australian Federation of University Women, Northern Territory Branch Inc (AFUW-NT) has provided assistance in gowning for the Graduation ceremony. This is a fund raising activity towards provision of scholarships and awards provided to Northern Territory women students by AFUW-NT. We presently offer three $1000 scholarships annually – one each to an undergraduate, a postgraduate and one identified for an Indigenous woman student. We plan to increase the number of scholarships offered, by increasing our memberships and continuing to volunteer at CDU Graduation ceremonies. Australian Federation of University Women Inc (AFUW Inc) is a voice of graduate women, promoting the advancement of women worldwide and their equality of opportunity, through initiatives in education, welfare, friendship, the environment and peace. AFUW-NT works with the Federal Council of the AFUW Inc which joined the International Federation of University Women (IFUW) in 1924. IFUW has NGO status with the United Nations. Membership in AFUW is open to all women who hold an undergraduate degree or its equivalent, from a University anywhere in the world. AFUW welcomes all women graduates who support its purposes and objectives. Employment in a University or any other location is not a requirement. AFUW Inc has Standing Committees on education, youth, international issues, the environment and peace in which AFUW-NT participates and contributes. Annual membership costs $40 (and $15.00 for students) and members receive a copy of Graduate Women, a national journal published six monthly. If you want to know more about AFUW-NT visit these websites: AFUW-NT : AFUW Inc IFUW: If you are interested in joining AFUW-NT please talk to us at the Graduation Ceremony (we can give you a membership application form), visit our website, ring 8981 3448 (AH)/8946 6355 (BH) or write to The Secretary, AFUW – NT, Box 714, PO Parap NT 0804. Penny Wurm President 2005 May - June Graduation Ceremonies 2005

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