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Addiction and Opiates

Addiction and Opiates


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CHAPTER 7 A CRITIQUE OF CURRENT VIEWS OF ADDICTION 40. For a detailed critique of Spragg's study see A. R. Lindesmith, "Can Chimpanzees Become Morphine ' Addicts?", Journal of Comparative Psychol ogy (April, 1946), 39: 109-117. 41. John R. Nichols, "How Opiates Change Behavior," Scientific American (February, 1965),212(2) : 8o-88. 42. See, for example, M. H. Seevers, "Opiate Addiction in Monkeys: Methods of Study," Journal of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics (1936), 56: 147, and, by the same author, Chapter 19 in V. A. Drill (Ed.), Pharmacology in Medicine (New York: McGraw-Hill, 1958). Also, T. Thompson and C. R. Schuster, "Morphine SelfAdministration, Food-reinforced, and Avoidance Behaviors in Rhesus Monkeys," Psych opharm acologia (1964), 5: 87-94. file:///I|/drugtext/local/library/books/adopiates/chapter7.htm[24-8-2010 14:23:37]

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