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Our Activities & Services - Live Performance Australia

Our Activities & Services - Live Performance Australia

Sydney Opera House,

Sydney Opera House, photo courtesy Sydney Opera House Executive Council LPA has a single national structure with an Executive Council (EC) comprising representatives of members elected every two years. It is geographically representative, as well as covering the wide spread of member activity. LPA encourages all members to be actively involved in the affairs of the Association. To this end, the LPA Executive Council adopted a policy designed to encourage greater member participation on the EC, whilst ensuring the EC has the requisite balance of skills and experience to represent the diverse perspectives and needs of our Industry. The policy also aims to ensure the smooth succession and continuous improvement in the composition and conduct of the EC. Ideally, one-third of the EC should retire by rotation at an election, with no member to serve more than three successive terms. The policy is, of course, voluntary and subject to the Registered Rules of the AEIA which entitle all financial members to stand for election. President Andrew Kay Andrew Kay and Associates Executive Councillors Daniel Ballantyne Civic Precinct Newcastle Adrian Collette Opera Australia Michael Coppel Michael Coppel Ventures Richard Fitzgerald Her Majesty’s Theatre Pamela Foulkes Black Swan Theatre Company Observers to the Executive Council Ross Cunningham Arena Management Vice Presidents Sue Hunt CarriageWorks Douglas Gautier Adelaide Festival Centre Rachel Healy Sydney Opera House Trust Bicci Henderson Star City Michael Jacobsen Arena Management Geoff Jones Ticketek Pty Ltd John Kotzas Queensland Performing Arts Centre Ann Tonks Melbourne Theatre Company Liza McLean Tinderbox Andrew Moon The Arts Centre Jon Nicholls Jon Nicholls Productions Maria O’Connor Ticketmaster Rodney Phillips Ogden IFC (Perth) 8

Dusty The Musical Committees, Consultants and Life Members Committees MANAGEMENT COMMITTEE Andrew Kay (Chair) Andrew Kay & Associates WORKPLACE RELATIONS COMMITTEE Andrew Kay (Chair) Bernadette Hayes (Deputy Chair) The Really Useful Group HELPMANN AWARDS ADMINSITRATION COMMITTEE Ross Cunningham (Chair) Star City Ann Tonks (Deputy Chair) Melbourne Theatre Company KEY ORGANISATIONS COMMITTEE Cathcart Weatherly (Chair) Spare Parts Puppet Theatre EXHIBITIONS & EVENTS COMMITTEE Les Laity (Chair) Synthesis Design and Display Jim Delahunty Exhition Hire Services Con Fountas Expo Hire David Hamilton Director, Work Relations—LPA Keith Lydon AE Displays Tim Morgan Morgan Exop Hire Consultants Policy & Strategy Richard Allsop Globe Communications Legal Robert McCormack TressCox Lawyers Lyn Nicholson Thomson Playford Tax Services Michael Roseby Roseby Rosner & Young Insurance John Christoffelsz MCA Insurance Brokers Accountant Leah Supple Brown & Co. Auditor PKF Chartered Accountants Website Sportal Australia Life Members 1979 Kenn Brodziak OBE 1985 Paul Riomfalvy 1988 Frank Baden-Powell 1988 Noel Blackburn 1988 George Fairfax 1988 Arthur William Parlour 1989 Frederick Gibson 1992 Lloyd Martin AM 1993 John Ernest Graham 2003 Greg Innes 2003 Tim McFarlane 2003 Sue Nattrass AO 2003 Jan Stoneham 2005 Kelvin McWhinnie 2005 Rodney Rigby 2007 Ross Cunningham 2007 Kate Brennan 2007 Ian Fraser 2007 Andrew Guild 2007 Ian McRae 9

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