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WELCOME TO THE 2011 - Harvard Initiative for Global Health ...

WELCOME TO THE 2011 - Harvard Initiative for Global Health ...


ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS The New England TB Symposium organizing committee would like to give special thanks to Dr. Sarah Fortune for her support, advice, and valuable oversight of this year’s symposium. We are also indebted to Dr. Barry Bloom, Dr. Dyann Wirth and Dr. Sue Goldie for their continual support. We would also like to acknowledge Dr. Krishnamohan Atmakuri for providing digital images of mycobacteria for inclusion in the poster and booklet. Special thanks go out to our sponsors: the Harvard Global Health Institute, the Broad Institute, the Harvard University Center for AIDS Research, and the Harvard School of Public Health (HSPH) and the IID Department at HSPH. TB SYMPOSIUM ORGANIZING COMMITTEE Dr. Amy Barczak, Dr. Nidia Correa, Christopher Ford, Dr. Sarah Fortune (senior faculty advisor), Dr. David Gregory (co-chair), Dr. Karen Jacobson, Dr. Helen Jenkins, Karen Kieser, Matthew Price, Dr. Sladjana Prisic, Ms. Brenda Rodriguez, Dr. Tracy Rosebrock (co-chair) and Dr. Jun-Rong Wei. HARVARD GLOBAL HEALTH INSTITUTE Dr. Sue Goldie, Ms. Brenda Rodriguez, Ms. Jeannie Austin, Ms. Susan Holman and Ms. Vicki Lopez. BROAD INSTITUTE Ms. Monica Concepcion and Ms. Lindsay Wetmore. FRONT AND BACK COVER GRAPHICS COURTESY OF: Chris Ford, PhD candidate, Fortune Lab, Harvard School of Public Health. 39

Sponsored by: HARVARD SCHOOL OF PUBLIC HEALTH Department of Immunology and Infectious Diseases

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