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Operation - Mindray

Operation - Mindray

Controls and Indicators

Controls and Indicators General Product Description 1.2 Controls and Indicators 1.2.1 Front Panel The Rosebud front panel is the main user interface, providing the digital LED display, keypad, and connector panel. 1 FIGURE 1-1 Front Panel 2 Sys. Dia. SpO2 1. Digital Display The Rosebud digital display features parameter tiles, numeric LEDs and LED indicators. 1 - 2 0070-10-0603-60 Rosebud® Operating Instructions MAP Source 3

General Product Description Controls and Indicators Parameter Tiles The parameter tiles (shown in FIGURE 1-2) display the readings for the monitored parameters and also display information codes and error codes. When there is no measurement being determined and no code condition exists for a particular parameter, its associated tile will be blank. a b c d FIGURE 1-2 Parameter Tiles a. NIBP The NIBP parameter tile is separated into three areas that are labeled as: Sys. (systolic), Dia. (diastolic) and MAP (mean arterial pressure). The LEDs are red. The labels for the unit of measure are mmHg or kPa. b. Pulse Rate The Pulse Rate parameter tile is labeled with a heart symbol. The LEDs are red. The dual source labels are NIBP (red LED) and SpO2 (green LED). The label for the unit of measure is bpm. c. SpO2 The SpO2 parameter tile is labeled SpO2 . The LEDs are green. The label for the unit of measure is %. d. Information Codes Information and error codes are displayed in this window. See section 2.4.1 for additional information. Rosebud® Operating Instructions 0070-10-0603-60 1 - 3

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