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Operation - Mindray

Operation - Mindray

Controls and Indicators

Controls and Indicators General Product Description 3. Connector Panel a b FIGURE 1-5 Connector Panel a. NIBP Pneumatic Fitting This Rectus*, Quick-Connect pneumatic fitting is used to attach the NIBP hose to the Rosebud. b. SpO2 Receptacle This receptacle is used to attach the SpO2 sensor to the Rosebud. * Quick Connect Pneumatic Fittings available from Rectus-TEMA Corporation. 1 - 6 0070-10-0603-60 Rosebud® Operating Instructions

General Product Description Controls and Indicators 1.2.2 Rear Panel The rear panel provides a general information label, a serial port, an equipotential lug, an AC receptacle and a mounting alignment slot. FIGURE 1-6 Rear Panel 1. Serial Port This is used to connect optional modules. 2 4 2. Equipotential Lug The equipotential lug provides equipotential grounding for hospital equipment. NOTE: Ensure that when connecting external devices to the unit all equipotential terminals are connected. 3. AC Receptacle This is the connector for the AC power cord. 1 3 LIFE SYSTEMS, INC. NOTE: The power supply, and battery charger (if the battery is installed) are active any time AC power is supplied, regardless of whether the monitor is ON or OFF. 4. Mounting Alignment Slot This is used to align the Rosebud with the mounting plate on the optional rolling stand. Rosebud® Operating Instructions 0070-10-0603-60 1 - 7