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Operation - Mindray

Operation - Mindray

Phone Numbers and How To

Phone Numbers and How To Get Assistance Appendix 5.4 Phone Numbers and How To Get Assistance Life Systems, Inc. maintains a network of service representative and factory-trained distributors. Prior to requesting service, perform a complete operational check of the instrument to verify proper control settings. If operational problems continue to exist, contact Life Systems Technical Support at 800-841-1109 for assistance. Please include the instrument model number, the serial number, and a description of the problem with all requests for service. 5 - 16 0070-10-0603-60 Rosebud® Operating Instructions

Appendix Manufacturer’s Responsibility 5.5 Manufacturer’s Responsibility The Manufacturer is responsible for the effects on safety, reliability and performance of the equipment only if: a. assembly operations, extensions, readjustments, modifications or repairs are performed by persons authorized by the manufacturer; and b. the electrical installation of the relevant room complies with the appropriate requirements; and c. the equipment is used in accordance with the instructions for use. Rosebud® Operating Instructions 0070-10-0603-60 5 - 17

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