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Nanobacteria to Promote Degenerative Aortic Valve ... -

Nanobacteria to Promote Degenerative Aortic Valve ... -


500 Editorial: Nanobacteria to promote AV stenosis? C. Piper et al. the pathogenesis of sclerotic valve degeneration (1). On the other hand, nanobacteria such as Chlamydia spp. may only have a high ‘affinity’ to fatty tissue degeneration or plaque formation, without playing an active role in their pathogenesis. The reports by Jelic et al. (1,2) prompted us to examine the presence of nanobacteria in aortic valves excised and replaced for severe degenerative aortic valve stenosis. Clinical material and methods Patients The excised aortic valves of 20 consecutive patients (11 females, nine males; mean age 78.9 ± 7.3 years) who underwent aortic valve replacement for isolated severe (aortic valve opening area 0.326 ± 0.064 cm 2 /m 2 body surface area), degenerative (calcific score 2.30 ± 0.73) (9,10) AVS (aortic valve regurgitation

J Heart Valve Dis Vol. 15. No. 4 July 2006 14. Freeman RV, Otto CM. Spectrum of calcific aortic valve disease: Pathogenesis, disease progression and treatment strategies. Circulation 2005;111:3316- 3326 15. Rosenhek R, Rader F, Loho N, et al. Statins but not angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitors delay progression of aortic stenosis. Circulation 2004;110:1291-1295 16. O’Brien KD, Kuusistor J, Reichenbach DD, et al. Osteopontin is expressed in human aortic valvular lesions. Circulation 1995;92:2163-2168 17. Olsson M, Dalsgaard CJ, Haegerstand A, Roesenquist M, Ryden L, Nilsson J. Accumulation of T-lymphocytes and expression of interleukin-2receptors in non-rheumatic stenotic aortic valves. J Am Coll Cardiol 1994;23:1162-1170 18. Palta S, Pai A, Gill K, Pai R, Linda L. Smoking, high cholesterol and the presence of coronary disease are associated with progression of calcific aortic steno- Editorial: Nanobacteria to promote AV stenosis? C. Piper et al. 501 sis (AS): Implications for secondary prevention. J Am Coll Cardiol 1999;33(Suppl.A):553 19. Wagner S, Selzer A. Patterns of progression of aortic stenosis: A longitudinal hemodynamic study. Circulation 1982;65:709-712 20. Juvonen J, Laurila A, Juvonen T, et al. Detection of Chlamydia pneumoniae in human non-rheumatic stenotic aortic valves. J Am Coll Cardiol 1997;29:1054-1059 21. Rose AG. Failure to detect Chlamydia pneumoniae in senile calcific aortic stenosis or calcified congenital bicuspid aortic valve by immunofluorescence, polymerase chain reaction and electron microscopy. Cardiovasc Pathol 2002;11:300-304 22. Agmon Y, Khandheria BK, Tajik A, et al. Inflammation, infection, and aortic valve sclerosis: Insights from the Olmsted County (Minnesota) population. Atherosclerosis 2004;174:337-342

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