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Minutes - Clinton County

Minutes - Clinton County

Motion 2012-04-13: A

Motion 2012-04-13: A motion was made by Chief Rose, supported by Chief Madden, to approve the Administrative Policy Board special meeting minutes (special address ordinance appeals hearing) of February 14, 2012, as e-mailed to each member in a packet previous to today’s meeting. Motion passed unanimously. OLD BUSINESS Radio Enhancement Project Tower Site Acquisition Director Fyvie stated that the lease agreement for the southeast tower site has been approved by the Vails and is going to the Board of Commissioners on April 24 for its approval. Because we are coming under budget for the southwest tower site, the southeast tower site could start in 2013, one year early. Once the lease agreement is signed for the southeast Vail site, a public hearing will be held seeking site plan and zoning approval. The northeast Verizon site is on hold. Director Fyvie is waiting to hear from Verizon. Construction Progress The construction progress is on schedule. All the antennae for both the Taft Rd. tower and southwest tower have been installed and tested. The microwave system has been installed and tested. The foundation enhancement for the Taft Rd. tower has been completed. We are expected to go live at the end of May for the southwest tower. Narrowband Paging (Meeting of January 25, 2012) All participants in the county that have tornado sirens and/or pagers were invited to attend a kick-off meeting with Harris and were asked to invite their radio vendors to this meeting to ask questions on how the physical process would be accomplished. Mid-May is the target date for the switch to narrowband. Sprint/Nextel Rebanding There are issues with the additional radios that our subscribers obtained since the agreement with Sprint/Nextel was signed a few years ago. There are weekly, progress conference calls with our attorney out of Washington D.C. along with our consulting firm and Harris Corp. Sprint, unofficially through an e-mail, agreed to the additional radios, but Sprint has a multi-tiered process that it must complete before any authorization can be obtained to sign an agreement. Harris will not start its work on the remaining radios until a signed agreement is in place to ensure that it is compensated for the additional radios. I/P 9-1-1 Regional Collaboration (CEIL) The three-year I/P 9-1-1 Regional Collaboration project is nearing its completion. Livingston County, one of the host sites, is already using the I/P system since its phone system recently stopped working. Ingham County is now installing the second host computer in its new dispatch center which should be online by May. Once Ingham is up and running, Eaton and Clinton counties will be able to be connected through their fiber links. This project in its entirety should be completed by June. Administrative Policy Board Meeting Minutes – April 10, 2012 2

Looking Glass Fire / Delta Township Fire Service Agreement The Delta Township Fire/Looking Glass Fire service agreement has been signed and is in place. A grant was obtained to pay for the CAD 2 CAD software by Delta Township Fire; this software has been purchased for both Eaton County and Clinton County. Our fiber link that is being used for the CEIL project will be partitioned so that it can also be used by Eaton and Clinton counties for the CAD 2 CAD software. The Clinton County Board of Commissioners has approved the utilizing of the CAD 2 CAD software. Starting in year two, Clinton County will be responsible for an annual, maintenance agreement. Director Fyvie does have concerns with the lack of direct paging capabilities with Delta Station 2, which was formerly Looking Glass Fire. Since all fire and EMS calls have to be transferred from Clinton County to Eaton County, there is a delay in response time. Clinton County Central Dispatch and Law Enforcement, as of now, has no easy way to communicate conveniently with Delta Township Fire to keep public safety services coordinated. Some callers that call 9-1-1 from Watertown or Eagle townships are questioning dispatchers on why they are being transferred to Eaton County. Dispatchers have been instructed to tell citizens that it was their township board’s decision. The CAD 2 CAD will reduce some of the delay time. Director Palmer asked Director Fyvie to speak on the past communications that he has had with Watertown and Eagle townships and Delta Township Fire and Looking Glass Fire Authority. In the past, Watertown and Eagle townships relinquished their direct, governance authority to Looking Glass Fire on fire/EMS matters. According to the signed Delta Township Fire and Looking Glass Fire service agreement, the primary fire and EMS will be provided by the Delta Township Fire Department. Upon the signing of the service agreement, Director Fyvie notified Director Palmer that Mercy Ambulance would no longer be paged as the primary EMS provider by Clinton County 9-1-1. Director Palmer stated that Mercy Ambulance has serviced Watertown and Eagle townships since 1994. He also has concerns on the delay in response times. He has had no notification from Watertown or Eagle townships that Mercy Ambulance is no longer their primary ambulance service. Director Palmer has concerns that he wasn’t technically removed as the primary ambulance provider and the liability issues that could occur. Director Fyvie has received a signed copy of the service agreement, and it states that Delta Township Fire now provides primary ambulance service to both Watertown and Eagle townships. According to this agreement, all calls for fire/EMS from both townships are to be sent to Eaton County 9-1-1 by Clinton County 9-1-1 for dispatching. Capital Region International Airport – 425 Agreement Status Radio System/Group Profile Request Director Fyvie still hasn’t received the target date that the 425 agreement will occur with the airport and Lansing. There needs to be a conclusion of this matter. Director Fyvie will wait until next week and then will need to contact the parties involved to see if a target date has been set. Administrative Policy Board Meeting Minutes – April 10, 2012 3

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