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Minutes - Clinton County

Minutes - Clinton County

The airport will be on

The airport will be on Ingham County’s radio system once the 425 agreement is in place. A $150,000 Region 1 Homeland Security grant has been obtained by Ingham County, and the grant will pay for new radios and mobile computer terminals that the airport needs to be on Ingham County’s radio system. There will still be ongoing costs for microphone and user fees that Ingham County charges. Authorization Letter to Lansing Fire Director Fyvie wanted a formal motion to provide our fire department talk groups to Lansing Fire to aid Lansing Fire with DeWitt Township Fire when it responds into the 425 agreement area of the airport and mutual-aid assists. Motion 2012-04-14: A motion was made by Chief Rose, supported by Chief Koos, for Clinton County Central Dispatch to provide the Lansing Fire Dept. with fire department talk groups that would provide interoperability between Lansing Fire and Clinton Countybased fire departments when Lansing Fire responds into Clinton County. Motion passed unanimously. CAD Mapping Point Addressing Director Fyvie stated that there are still significant issues with the CAD mapping point addressing. MIS director, Craig Thelen, is working on these issues. One of Central Dispatch’s supervisors has been assigned to work with MIS personnel on these issues. State 9-1-1 Committee Certification Subcommittee Request for Compliance Review Being that this is Director Fyvie’s last year as director of Central Dispatch, he requested the State 9-1-1 Committee conduct a compliance review for Clinton County. The information requested by the review board has been given to the State 9-1-1 Committee. A summary overview was provided to board members today that lists the different types of things that the review board will be looking at in its compliance review. NEW BUSINESS Quality Assurance Scores for 2011 Monthly Quality Assurance scores are summarized and reported quarterly on all dispatchers. The overall QA scores have approved by .23 percent since last year. We are averaging 97.7 percent in compliance on the QA scores. Broadstripe Service is now WOW! Non-Payment of Surcharge Issue Broadstripe is a VoIP provider that had stopped sending 9-1-1 surcharge fees to Clinton County for over a year and a half. Other counties were also not receiving the required surcharge from Broadstripe. The State 9-1-1 Office contacted the Attorney General’s office and this matter was investigated. It was found that Broadstripe was acquired by a company called WOW! The vendor WOW! had been paying Broadstripe’s 9-1-1 surcharge fees. We believed WOW! was a new VoIP provider, but found it acquired Broadstripe. Administrative Policy Board Meeting Minutes – April 10, 2012 4

Coleman Road Fire Call – Clinton County/Meridian Township A structure fire call was received on an address on Coleman Rd. Bath Township Fire was the appropriate fire department dispatched along with automatic mutual-aid from DeWitt Township Fire. The homeowner was very upset that Meridian Township was not dispatched as his home is in Meridian Township. It was found that four addresses have driveway cuts in Clinton County, with long driveways that go to the residences that are in Meridian Township. Bath and DeWitt township fire departments were dispatched based on the driveway cuts. Premise alerts are now in place on these four addresses so that any future police or fire calls that come in to Central Dispatch for these addresses, the dispatcher will recognize that the physical structures are in Meridian Township. Some grass fires may actually be in Clinton County from these four addresses where Bath Township Fire would need to be dispatched. There has been one fire call in which this occurred from one of the four addresses. MSP Removed our MDC with CAD/Mapping/AVL – Officer Safety Issue Michigan IT/MSP Initiative – Just CAD The state police and the IT department for the state decided to remove all the mobile data computers that were provided to them by Clinton County. These three MDCs were returned to Clinton County. The state’s intent is to replace the MDCs with MDCs with state connectivity and then load local county CAD software. Director Fyvie and MIS Director Craig Thelen is working on connectivity issues with the state at this time. We are cooperating with the state to make this transition a success as long as there is no cost to Clinton County. Director Fyvie has a concern that without AVL (Automated Vehicle Location), there are officer safety issues. If state officers do not check in with a dispatch center, dispatchers do not know where the officers are within the county. Dispatch directors across the state would like the Michigan State Police to require officers to check in with a county’s dispatch center when the officer is in that particular county. Reassign Four (4) MDCs (3 from MSP, 1 from Elsie) Elsie is down one patrol car and returned the extra MDC to Central Dispatch; this MDC was reassigned to another law enforcement agency which had a need for it. Director Fyvie would like to reassign the three MDCs that were returned to Central Dispatch by the MSP. There isn’t a need for a primary response, county law enforcement agency to have another MDC, so Director Fyvie will reassign the three MDCs to a county fire department or EMS agency. If a fire department or EMS agency within the county would like one of these MDCs, Central Dispatch will install the MDC, but the agency would have to pay for the annual software support just as law enforcement agencies are required to do. Only fire/EMS calls would be seen once the MDC is logged onto. Administrative Policy Board Meeting Minutes – April 10, 2012 5

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