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Minutes - Clinton County

Minutes - Clinton County

Motion 2012-04-15: A

Motion 2012-04-15: A motion was made by Chief Rose, supported by Mr. Wilson, to approve the appropriation of the three MDCs returned by the Michigan State Police to Clinton County fire or EMS agencies. Motion passed unanimously. Office of the Auditor General – Surcharge Funds Audit The Office of the Auditor General has determined that under PA 32 of 1986 that the requirement of surcharge to be audited annually may not be done to the extent that it wants. If a full audit is what is required, it will be costly to counties. At this time, we are waiting for another report from the Office of the Auditor General to clarify exactly what the requirements will be. Revised Procedure 5.4 Radio Tower Light The only thing different on Procedure 5.4 is the addition of the southwest tower site to the procedure. It adds another tower for the Sheriff’s Office to check on twice a day. Since the procedure is already in place, no motion is needed. The Sheriff’s Office will be notified of its need to check the tower lights at the southwest tower site twice a day. Clinton Area Fire/Rescue Agreement in Gratiot County Clinton Area Fire/Rescue was requested as of April 1, 2012, to become the first responder for fire coverage in Washington Township in Gratiot County. Once we go to a simulcast paging system, another center could not come on our system frequency without interfering with our simulcast system so direct dispatching by Gratiot County cannot be done. CAFR has two options: (1) to continue as it does today, Gratiot 9-1-1 calls Clinton County Central Dispatch, CAFR is dispatched out, and once on scene goes over to the Gratiot County Fire frequency, or (2) put a dual-tone into CAFR’s pagers, one in our frequency and one in Gratiot’s frequency. The concern is that since CAFR is in Clinton County, our frequency would be heard over Gratiot’s frequency, and CAFR might miss a call from Gratiot or vice versa. Reissue Pager Tones from Looking Glass Fire to Bath Township Fire and DeWitt Township Fire Looking Glass Fire had two Clinton County paging tones: one for fire and one for EMS. Since Clinton County Central Dispatch doesn’t page out LGFR anymore, these two paging tones are available, and we have an immediate need for these paging tones. Both Bath Township Fire and DeWitt Township Fire are each seeking an additional tone. They both would like individual tones for fire and EMS responders. The norm in the industry is two separate tones, one for fire and one for EMS. All tones in Clinton County belong to and are assigned by Clinton County Central Dispatch. If in the future, LGFRA wants to pull away from its contract with Delta Township Fire, two tones would have to be found, and Clinton County 9-1-1 would need advanced notice to find the new pager tones. Administrative Policy Board Meeting Minutes – April 10, 2012 6

Director Fyvie would like a motion to reassign the two tones that are available to DeWitt Township Fire and Bath Township Fire. Director will send a letter to Chief John Clark of Delta Township Fire and Mr. John Clark, LGRFA president, informing them of the Administrative Policy Board’s decision. Motion 2012-04-16: A motion was made by Chief Rose, supported by Mr. Wilson, to reassign the two Looking Glass Fire/Rescue tones to Bath Township Fire and DeWitt Township Fire. Motion passed unanimously. Telecommunicator Position Michigan Works! processed the applications for the available 9-1-1 telecommunicator position. Preliminary testing has been done. May 3, 2012, is the Ergonomics testing. 2013 Budget Director Fyvie will not be requesting any funds for any major projects next year. Director Fyvie was asked by Chief Madden to e-mail Administrative Policy Board members a copy of his proposed budget for 2013 once completed. MDOC Document Director Fyvie has had discussions with Ms. Kasey Mlujeak from the Michigan Department of Corrections regarding the ARU (Absconder Recovery Unit). This unit is looking for a way to communicate with Clinton County law enforcement when the unit is in Clinton County. Director Fyvie suggested to Ms. Mlujeak that the MDOC ARU put into its state radios, Clinton County talk group 19P911. The Administrative Policy Board approved the use of this talk group for Ionia and Shiawassee counties’ law enforcement in the past. Director Fyvie would like this board to give its approval for the MDOC ARU to be able to do the same. Motion 2012-04-17: A motion was made by Chief Rose, supported by Sgt. Beasley, to approve that the MDOC Absconder Recovery Unit be authorized to have programmed into its MPSCS radios, the 19P911 talk group. Motion passed unanimously. PUBLIC COMMENTS Chief Madden, vice chairperson, opened up the floor for public comments. Director Dennis Palmer read from a PowerPoint document about response time delays. Director Palmer, to summarize, believes that when a Priority 1 response is needed, the nearest available life support ambulance should be called for service. Administrative Policy Board Meeting Minutes – April 10, 2012 7

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