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Operation Iraqi Freedom (icasualties) - Freedom Memorials

Operation Iraqi Freedom (icasualties) - Freedom Memorials

St. Germain, Brian R. 22

St. Germain, Brian R. 22 West Warwick Rhode Island 4/2/2006 US Coutu, Matthew S. 23 North Kingstown Rhode Island 6/27/2005 US Charette, Holly A. 21 Cranston Rhode Island 6/23/2005 US Potts, Christopher S. 38 Tiverton Rhode Island 10/3/2004 US Serio, Matthew K. 21 North Providence Rhode Island 4/5/2004 US August, Matthew J. 28 North Kingstown Rhode Island 1/27/2004 US Andrade, Michael 28 Bristol Rhode Island 9/24/2003 US Caldwell, Charles Todd 38 North Providence Rhode Island 9/1/2003 US Belanger, Gregory A. 24 Narragansett Rhode Island 8/27/2003 US Evans,Lashawn D. 24 Columbia South Carolina 2/15/2011 US Cassidy, Michael P. 41 Simpsonville South Carolina 6/17/2010 US Theobald, Steve M. 53 Goose Creek South Carolina 6/4/2010 US Arthur, Aaron M. 25 Lake City South Carolina 3/8/2010 US Futrell, Raphael A. 26 Anderson South Carolina 3/25/2009 US Wenger, Adam McKamey 27 Mount Pleasant South Carolina 11/5/2008 US Phillips Jr., Ronald 33 Conway South Carolina 9/25/2008 US Taylor, Matthew J. 25 Charleston South Carolina 9/21/2008 US Maybin, Danny E. 47 Columbia South Carolina 8/7/2008 US Wagoner, Terry D. 28 Piedmont South Carolina 9/14/2007 US Walker, Zandra T. 28 Greenville South Carolina 8/15/2007 US Lindsey, David Paul 20 Spartanburg South Carolina 5/25/2007 US White, Anthony 21 Columbia South Carolina 3/25/2007 US Sams II, Joey T. 22 Spartanburg South Carolina 3/21/2007 US Lewis, Adrian J. 30 Mauldin South Carolina 3/21/2007 US Dunkin, Shawn M. 25 Columbia South Carolina 2/19/2007 US DeFrenn, Jason Garth 34 Barnwell South Carolina 2/2/2007 US Tinsley, Douglas L. 21 Chester South Carolina 12/27/2006 US Dillon, Matthew V. 25 Aiken South Carolina 12/11/2006 US Greenlee, Satieon V. 24 Pendleton South Carolina 10/2/2006 US Hildreth, Seth A. 26 Myrtle Beach South Carolina 8/27/2006 US Weimortz, David G. 28 Irmo South Carolina 8/26/2006 US Phillips, John P. 29 St. Stephen South Carolina 8/16/2006 US Fitzgerald, Almar L. 23 Lexington South Carolina 2/21/2006 US Collado, Jay T. 31 Columbia South Carolina 2/20/2006 US Owens, Anthony Chad 21 Dillon/Conway South Carolina 2/1/2006 US Yancey, Dustin A. 22 Goose Creek South Carolina 11/4/2005 US Furman, Donald D. 30 Burton South Carolina 10/12/2005 US

Derrick, Andrew Joseph 25 Columbia South Carolina 9/23/2005 US Jones, Anthony G. 25 Greenville South Carolina 6/14/2005 US Gadsden, Clifford V. "CC" 25 Red Top South Carolina 4/29/2005 US Torrence, Joshua L. 20 Lexington South Carolina 3/14/2005 US Moski, Jason L. 24 Blackville/Wagener South Carolina 2/25/2005 US Bell-Johnson, Katrina Lani 32 Orangeburg South Carolina 2/16/2005 US Leach, Patrick D. 39 Rock Hill South Carolina 12/9/2004 US Shields, Andrew C. 25 Campobello South Carolina 12/9/2004 US Fox, Travis A. 25 Cowpens South Carolina 10/30/2004 US Lemon, Jerome 42 North Charleston South Carolina 10/27/2004 US Gadsden, Jonathan E. 21 Charleston South Carolina 10/22/2004 US Anderson Jr., Carl L. 21 Georgetown South Carolina 8/29/2004 US Youmans, Rodricka Antwan 22 Allendale South Carolina 7/6/2004 US Caughman, Thomas D. 20 Lexington South Carolina 6/9/2004 US Hobart, Melissa J. 22 Ladson South Carolina 6/6/2004 US Patterson Jr., Esau G. 25 Ridgeland South Carolina 4/29/2004 US Stack, Michael Boyd 48 Lake City South Carolina 4/11/2004 US Hampton, Kimberly N. 27 Easley South Carolina 1/2/2004 US Ferguson, Rian C. 22 Taylors South Carolina 12/14/2003 US Neff II, Paul M. 30 Fort Mill South Carolina 11/7/2003 US Jennings, Darius T. 22 Cordova South Carolina 11/2/2003 US Adams, Algernon 36 Aiken South Carolina 10/28/2003 US Thompson, Anthony O. 26 Orangeburg South Carolina 9/18/2003 US Mack, Vorn J. 19 Orangeburg South Carolina 8/23/2003 US Adams, Michael S. 20 Spartanburg South Carolina 8/21/2003 US Byers, Joshua T. 29 Mountville South Carolina 7/23/2003 US Smith, Orenthial Javon 21 Allendale South Carolina 6/22/2003 US Griffin Jr., Patrick Lee 31 Elgin South Carolina 5/13/2003 US Hutchings, Nolen Ryan 19 Boiling Springs South Carolina 3/23/2003 US Buggs, George Edward 31 Barnwell South Carolina 3/23/2003 US Webster, Leroy O. 28 Sioux Falls South Dakota 4/25/2009 US Vrooman, Jeremy D. 28 Sioux Falls South Dakota 7/15/2008 US Tomczak, Zachary B. 24 Huron South Dakota 9/25/2007 US Wagner, Gregory A. 35 Mitchell South Dakota 5/8/2006 US Kokesh Jr., Allen D. 21 Yankton South Dakota 2/7/2006 US Herried, Patrick W. 29 Sioux Falls South Dakota 2/6/2006 US Boehmer, Jeremiah J. 22 Parkston South Dakota 2/5/2006 US

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