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9.07.2010 - Village of Deerfield

9.07.2010 - Village of Deerfield

For Background Purposes,

For Background Purposes, the Past Parking Demand Study for This Area is Attached (this study showed the highest parking demand was on a weekday in the morning with a demand of 104 parking spaces, see page 3 of the parking study).

Memorandum CONSULTING ENGINEERS To: From: Date: Subject: Kent Street Village Manager Village of Deerfield Tim Doran Director, Transportation Planning May 27, 2009 Parking Analysis for Village Green and Park Avenue I. Background and Summary 850 Forest Edge Drive, Vernon Hills, IL 60061 TEL 847.478.9700. FAX 847.478.9701 820 Lakeside Drive, Suite 5, Gurnee, IL 60031 TEL 847.855.1100 III FAX 847.855.1115 The following memo and evaluation is a supplement to the Traffic and Parking Impact Study dated March 4. 2009 by KLOA, Inc. At that time a more detailed analysis of traffic was performed including traffic counts and evaluation of turn lanes along Deerfield Road. Therefore, the conclusions in that study are also assumed as part of this analysis. The preliminary Village Green Plan and traffic/parking analysis was presented to the Plan Commission on March 12,2009 at which time the conclusion was that with certain modifications and operational changes, parking demand in the campus area could be met for most peak periods. The Plan Commission reviewed the plan and report and gave directives for further study and analysis. The Plan Commission directives are as follows: • Provide for an overall integrated plan that accommodates parking. pedestrian and traffic with the new public space. • Identify loading areas for commercial uses that will get trucks off the street along Waukegan Road. Identify travel paths and how they would be compatible with other uses. • Create a schematic design for Park Avenue parking areas that create additional parking by using head in or angled parking along both sides. • If Park Avenue is redesigned, identify traffic calming measures that increases pedestrian accessibility and safety. Also, identify areas for new landscaping. • Identify alternative plans that make up for the loss of parking in the Village Green area. These could include the Marathon lot as well as Park Avenue, or both. • Design and accommodate new pedestrian paths to and from the parking areas as well as the Village Green. • Design of Village Green area for trucks and emergency vehicles. • Review snow removal options.

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