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9.07.2010 - Village of Deerfield

9.07.2010 - Village of Deerfield

Mr. Ken Street

Mr. Ken Street Village of Deerfield Parking Analysis for Village Green and Park Avenue Page 4 Additionally, the library is not open until 12:00 noon on Sunday and this lot is certainly a good possibility for additional parking during this time as is the Marathon lot which is lightly used on Sundays. The two lots are about equidistant from the church entrances. Park Avenue currently provides commuter parking for both daily fee and monthly permits. The parking areas are configured with angle parking on the west side(daily fee) and parallel parking (monthly permits) on the east side Given the width of the roadway. additional parking could be constructed that would provide a significant increase in the number of spaces. These could be used for relocated parkers from the Village Green area and also become a public improvement by providing extra parking during Park District activities at night and on weekends. Two alternate plans are shown as figures C-2 and C-3. One plan shows 90° parking and the other shows angle parking. Table 2 below identifies the additional spaces that could be gained along Park Avenue. Table 2 Park Avenue PIau Comparisons Plan Daily Fee Permit Total Net Gain (west) (east) Existing 74 31 105 N/A C2 94 58 152 +47 (3 87 54 The additional spaces gained from either of the Park Avenue plans would meet the needs of the displaced numbers from the development of the Village Green. IV. Traffic, Pedestrians, and Circulation Traffic should be improved with the limited access along Deerfield Road, as explained in the March report. Additional improvements to the site as shown on the plan include a major reorganization of the intersection of the drives with Jewett Park Drive. This new traffic plan requires all movements to come to a complete stop. This, along with new sidewalks in the area, will proved for a safer and more efficient integration of pedestrians with traffic. Loading should occur in the drive west of the commercial spaces. Trash containers are located so that the refuse trucks can access them and wheel them out to the truck. Deliveries for most of the uses will be made with smaller vans or trucks (30 ft type vehicles). The exception is the twice per week deliveries to Kevin's restaurant, which are made in larger 40 foot trucks. Due to geometric constraints, these will need to access the site via Robert York Rd. and exit via the right out drive along Deerfield Rd. All attempts should be made to have deliveries made during the early morning hours (before 7:30) when the church and school are not in session. However, the drives are designed with room for a truck and car to interact efficiently. The area in from of the church/preschool should be signed appropriately for traffic to be aware of the uses and pedestrians in the area. V. Recommendations and Conclusion As a result of our observations, data collection, and numerous conversations with the stakeholders, it is apparent that the eastern parking areas are more useful and desirable for institutional and commercial customers. The western areas would logically be more convenient for commuters. Accordingly, if the Village decides, as a matter I 141 I + 36

Mr. Ken Street Village of Deerfield Parking Analysis for Village Green and Park Avenue Page 5 of policy, to redesign the Park Avenue right of way for increased parking supply and pedestrian improvements, we recommend the following actions be taken: • Relocate 35 permit spaces from Lot A (Marathon lot) to the new spaces along the west side of Park Avenue: Note if Plan C-2 is chosen, this can be more. • Assign the 35 spaces in the Marathon lot to use by the Park District (25) and the church (10) using those relocated 10 spaces owned by the church for public use at the Village Green (Note: will require church approval). • The commercial spaces (east end) should be shared by the businesses in both centers. • The Village should not schedule organized activities on the Village Green until after 1:00 P.M. on Sundays. • The library should be contacted and the use of their lot on Sunday morning should be requested. Since they open at 12:00 noon , restrictions for parking after that time may be necessary. However, that lot, along with the Marathon lot, should more than accommodate overflow. • Additional seasonal Park District employees cannot be accommodated in this plan and will need to park in other Park District lots such as the one at the north end of Jowett Park. The site and campus area can be reorganized and designed to operate efficiently and supportive of this public improvement. Parking can be accommodated by use of other areas and controls on uses. In summary, the site area can actually operate more effectively alongside the new Village Green and accommodate daily traffic, commuters, public parkers and events sufficiently with the recommendations in this report and associated plans .