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9.07.2010 - Village of Deerfield

9.07.2010 - Village of Deerfield


Village Center Development Commission August 4, 2010 Page 6 of 9 Mr. Banzuly believes Option D is more user friendly. He is mortified that the Village is spending so much time discussing the trucks. He believes the Village should worry about the bigger picture, not so much about trucks. Ms. Reed agreed with what has been said and is opposed to 90 degree parking. For the purpose of this lot, the Village is not obligated to provide as many parking spaces as in Option C. Ms. Reed is bothered by the truck issue and therefore she cannot support either plan. Ms. Reed understands that truck parking on Waukegan Road is a problem but believes this creates a worse situation. She believes there should be more than one entryway to the parking lot and she would like to see access onto Waukegan Road. Ms. Reed prefers angled and less dense parking. Mr. Adler believes Option D would be better. Mr. Cooper agrees with Ms. Reed, and is very concerned about the truck issue. He believes that Option D makes parking easier. Mr. Cooper suggested putting a time restriction on the trucks as well. Ch. Garfield agrees with the rest of the Commission members. He does not see a need for parallel parking on the south side of the lot, north of the landscape buffer. He expressed concern about parking in the parallel spaces because of the possibility of getting hit by a truck. He would prefer those spaces be removed. Ch. Garfield suggested having designated employee parking spaces for the Church. Ch. Garfield believes the trucks on Robert York Road are a big problem and the design is to accommodate one land owner. He believes Kevin’s Place can find a way to get deliveries in smaller trucks or at off-peak times on Waukegan Road. He suggested only allowing trucks up to a certain weight or length. Ch. Garfield believes his suggestions would address the safety issues. He believes 90 degree spaces versus angled spaces are not a big issue. The Commissioners discussed the recommendation. They prefer option D with the elimination of the nine parallel parking spaces on the south side of the lot. Trucks should be restricted to single-unit commercial vehicles during certain pre-agreed upon times to avoid conflict with the Church. Mr. Dondanville suggested having the police regulate the truck traffic during loadings. He believes the truck traffic generated by the bike shop will be more intense than Kevin’s Place. Mr. Banzuly does not believe the truck deliveries should come into consideration and large truck usage should be prohibited. He said the Village would be setting a precedent of using Village land for the benefit of private property owners for deliveries. Commissioner Adler noted the problem of trucks stopping on Waukegan Road is not resolved. Ch. Garfield said the police should start enforcing the no parking on Waukegan Road restriction. 6

Village Center Development Commission August 4, 2010 Page 7 of 9 Ms. Zobus asked if the business owners could ask for specific times for police department protection for deliveries. Mr. Street explained an ordinance could be created, but delivery times are variable making it difficult to craft an ordinance. Ch. Garfield explained the proposal is giving the businesses the opportunity to get truck deliveries in the Village lot with smaller vehicles, which they did not have previously. Mr. Doron said it is possible to stripe out the plan so the aisle is not so large. Ms. Zobus made a motion to recommend the Option D striping plan with the elimination of the nine parallel parking spaces on the south side of the lot. Trucks should be restricted to single-unit commercial vehicles during certain hours as determined by the Village to avoid conflict with the preschool drop-off and pick-up. Mr. Adler seconded the motion. The motion, as amended, passed by the following vote: AYES: Adler, Banzuly, Cooper, Kaufmann, Shaw, Zobus, Garfield (7) NAYS: Reed (1) The Commissioners discussed the proposed landscaping plans. Ch. Garfield does not believe the Commission has a plan that is ready to approve. Mr. Street stated Rosborough Partners Inc. can provide a new plan within one week. Mr. Kaufmann believes the Commission has a new concept they would like to see. Mr. Street suggested tabling further discussion on the landscape plan until a new plan is prepared based on the VCDC’s discussion. A special meeting of the VCDC can be held in a couple weeks. The commissioners agreed. Mr. Adler expressed concern about the dollar amount of the proposed landscaping plan. Ch. Garfield said the VCDC members have expressed themselves clearly on this issue. Mr. Street said a curb will be installed at 19 feet 3 inches back from the sidewalk. The new landscaping plan would feature a berm with a hedge and the plantings facing Deerfield Road would be more significant than the landscaping facing the parking lot which would be simple. Ms. Zobus made a motion to table further discussion on the landscaping plan until a special meeting of the Village Center Development Commission to be held on August 16, 2010 at 6:00 pm. Mr. Kaufmann seconded the motion. The motion passed by the following vote: AYES: Adler, Banzuly, Cooper, Kaufmann, Reed, Shaw, Zobus, Garfield (8) NAYS: None (0) 2. Request for Approval of a Special Use for Tom & Eddie’s Restaurant in Deerfield Square Chris Siavelis from CRM Properties explained Tom & Eddie’s is a new concept for a high-end, fast casual burger restaurant that would be located in the 740 Waukegan Road building in a 3,900 square foot space formerly occupied by Moosejaw and FUN 7

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