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9.07.2010 - Village of Deerfield

9.07.2010 - Village of Deerfield


Village Center Development Commission June 2, 2010 Page 5 believes the parking lot itself is a secondary consideration. They believe the parking lot would only benefit three property owners while the suggested beautification would benefit the entire Village and ultimately make the entrance to downtown Deerfield more aesthetically appealing. In summary, the VCDC believes: The proposed clean-up improvements to the parking lot will benefit three property owners (the church, Fiorini, and the Park District,) but that shouldn’t mean that the rest of the Village has to look at an ugly parking lot. They believed this area is a center piece of the downtown and would remain a sea of ugly parking under the proposed plan. The VCDC believes the goal of the temporary plan was to greatly improve aesthetics and they believe this plan does not accomplish this. The VCDC believes the parking lot should be left in its current state, and the only place money should be spent is along Deerfield Road to make the lot more visually appealing from the street through significant landscape screening, including the possibility of a berm to hide the parking lot behind. The VCDC is in favor of a significant landscape screen on Deerfield Road, even if that means losing some parking spaces to make room for the landscaping. They believe the money should be spent on screening the exterior of the lot along Deerfield Road, not the interior of the property. They prefer to spend the limited funds the Village has on improving the aesthetics along Deerfield Road to make this prominent piece of property more visually appealing from the street, even it if removes some parking spaces. The VCDC is concerned about a temporary improvement. They believe the property could sit for 2-3 years until it is decided what to do with it. The VCDC would like to spend the money on landscaping along Deerfield They want to visually hide this “eyesore” until we get through these tough economic times. Mr. Ryckaert will let Mr. Street know about the Commission’s discussions. 3. Village Center Update Mr. Ryckaert explained that Rosebud Restaurant will come before the Plan Commission for a public hearing in July and the VCDC will consider the proposal in August. Mr. Cooper stated the flower planters look very nice. Adjournment There being no further business or discussion, the meeting was adjourned at 9:00 pm. Respectfully submitted, Jeri Cotton 5

REQUEST FOR BOARD ACTION Agenda Item: 10-80 (3) Subject: Report and Recommendation of Appearance Review Commission re Request for a Special Use to allow landscape changes to the Village owned public parking lots at 750, 758 and 800 Deerfield Road Action Requested: Acceptance of Recommendation Originated by: Appearance Review Commission Referred to: Mayor and Board of Trustees Summary of Background and Reason for Request: The Appearance Review Commission reviewed the temporary plan for the Village owned public parking lot with a focus on the three proposed options for a landscape buffer along Deerfield Road. In the opinion of the ARC these landscape plans (Options #1, #2 & #3) are not in keeping with a temporary solution. The ARC developed buffer option #4a which uses the existing landscaping and adds to it with like plant materials. The ARC believes option #4a to be a minimal improvement and the same level of improvement proposed for the parking lot. Therefore, the ARC is recommending that the Village adopt Option #4a as a temporary landscape plan. Reports and Documents Attached: Recommendation ARC Minutes 8/23/2010 Rosborough Partners, Addendum Option #4a Date Referred to Board: September 7, 2010 Action Taken: _____________________________________________

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