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9.07.2010 - Village of Deerfield

9.07.2010 - Village of Deerfield


RECOMMENDATION To: Mayor and Board of Trustees From: Appearance Review Commission Date: August 23, 2010 Approved Copy Subject: Request for a Special Use to Allow Landscape Changes to the Village Owned Public Parking Lots at 750, 758 and 800 Deerfield Road We transmit for your consideration a recommendation of the Appearance Review Commission regarding the Village of Deerfield’s temporary “clean-up” plan for the Village owned public parking lot, south of the First Presbyterian Church of Deerfield. At the August 23, 2010 meeting of the Appearance Review Commission, members focused on the landscape improvements being proposed for the parking lot. Phil Rosborough of Rosborough Partners, Inc presented three options; Buffer Option #1 a naturalized scheme, Buffer Option #2 a more formal, linear scheme, and Buffer Option #3 which includes an evergreen hedge on top of a mounded soil berm. The majority of the Appearance Review Commission (ARC) found the proposed plans to be excessive and not in keeping with a temporary solution. A couple members disagreed, believing that it will be about ten years before a permanent plan is agreed upon for this property and preferred Buffer Option #1. The rest of the commission voted for a new option, Buffer Option #4a. This option would maintain the existing landscape screening along Deerfield Road and add to it. The existing five foot wide planting area with burning bush shrubs and ash trees is proposed to continue through the old Lindemann property where no landscaping currently exists. Then, the remainder, the north 14’-3” of the 19’-3” buffer, is proposed to be planted with grass. The existing burning bush if not trimmed will grow to approximately 7 feet tall and wide, and would fill in the holes between the existing shrubs, creating a full buffer. Buffer Option #4a is a minimal improvement. The ARC believes it is the same level of improvement that is proposed for the parking lot, with seal-coating and stripping only. Most of the ARC believes that as this is a temporary plan there is no need for an elaborate costly landscape plan. The ARC would like to see a sign on the property stating Municipal Parking Lot to inform the public that this a lot for public use. The ARC believes the parking lot should be seen and not totally blocked from public view. The available parking should be promoted, not disguised or hidden.

ARC Recommendation Deerfield Road parking lot buffer Page 2 Recommendation Accordingly, it is the recommendation of the Appearance Review Commission that the Village of Deerfield as part of the temporary improvements to the Village owned parking lots, at 750, 758 and 800 Deerfield Road, implement Buffer Option #4a which consists of maintaining the existing plant materials and adding to them with like materials, and include a strip of sod (grass) north of the burning bush and ash tree landscaping area. Ayes: (4) Chaitman, Dahlberg, Milani, Coen Nays: (2) Kanter, Shachter Respectfully submitted, Richard Coen, Chairman Deerfield Appearance Review Commission

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