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9.07.2010 - Village of Deerfield

9.07.2010 - Village of Deerfield

Appearance Review

Appearance Review Commission August 23, 2010 Page 3 of 4 Ch. Coen believes concept one would be his choice, if the Board decided to go with a full-blown plan. He believes just filling in the landscaping, as suggested in newly proposed option four, would be more fiscally responsible for a temporary project while fixing the look of the existing property. Mr. Milani noted the burning bush, if left to grow, would eventually fill in and create a natural buffer. He expressed concern about the plantings being damaged during the snow. Mr. Milani does not believe anything extravagant should be done for a temporary project. Mr. Kanter prefers option one. Mr. Dahlberg prefers option four or option one. Ms. Chaitman prefers option four. Mr. Shachter prefers option one or option three. Ms. Spagnoli summarized that the Commission would prefer option four, or option one if a full blown plan is required. Mr. Milani noted that option one has a contemporary look without the straight lines that occur in Deerfield Square. Mr. Shachter stated that anytime landscaping and color is added, it will improve the look of an area. Part of the reason the lot looks so poor is that there is nothing visually attractive there. Ch. Coen summarized that option four would include extending the four and a half foot section with similar plantings and allowing the plants to fill in to their natural size. It would be done for less money. If one of the three solutions needed to be selected, he would recommend concept one. Mr. Dahlberg agreed. Ms. Chaitman prefers option four, with the seal coating and restriping. She believes a public parking sign should also be added. Mr. Shachter and Mr. Kanter believe there is an opportunity to improve the site and prefer Option 1. Mr. Milani suggested adding to option four by adding green space to the buffer. He suggested extending the ash tree line as well. He called this option 4a. If the Board prefers a full plan, he would prefer option two. In option two, he would substitute evergreens for the burning bush, as evergreens are not tolerant of salt. Mrs. Spagnoli asked about the height of the burning bush. Mr. Rosborough noted the bush can grow to be six to eight feet in height. He noted that the size of the area is driving the pricing. Bringing turf into the equation would be a more economical option if the buffer was extended to 19 feet. Mr. Rosborough noted that the Village is the petitioner causing the commissioners to wear many hats. He stated that all three commissions have different opinions on this property. Ch. Coen asked what depth Mr. Rosborough would recommend for the property. Mr. Rosborough prefers option two, because it is similar to the adjacent property. He likes the depth of the buffer because it allows the salt spray to be mitigated. That would allow the evergreen shrubs, which is preferred by the VCDC.

Appearance Review Commission August 23, 2010 Page 4 of 4 Ch. Coen believes the parking should be striped at 90 degrees. He believes there is a lot of wasted space. Mrs. Spagnoli stated in the north aisle there is a safety issue for Christian Beginnings. Mr. Dahlberg noted that this lot would be striped and people will ignore the striping. People will go straight across the striping when possible. Ch. Coen noted the loading zone is to service the commercial buildings. He believes there should be a cross easement and the trucks should be on the private property instead of in the parking lot. Ch. Coen asked about the parking lot lighting. Mr. Shachter asked what could be done with the scrawny trees with dead branches. Mr. Rosborough noted the oak tree will continue to decline while the two locust trees seem to be in acceptable condition. Mr. Milani believes there should be a sign identifying the lot as a public parking lot. Mr. Dahlberg made a motion to recommend the parking lot landscaping referred to as option four, which uses the existed landscaping with additional landscaping to be added to fill in on the west end of the lot and continue with the present theme of 4.5’ width and additional trees similar in character to the existing trees. Mr. Milani seconded the motion. Mr. Milani suggested keeping the width to 19 feet with an extended green area. Ch. Coen suggested voting on the first motion and possibly make other recommendations if required. The motion did not pass by the following vote: AYES: None (0) NAYS: Coen, Chaitman, Dahlberg, Kanter, Milani, Shachter (6) Mr. MIlani made a motion to recommend the parking lot landscaping area, as in the previous motion, using the existing landscaping and additional landscaping, and adding grass on the north side to expand the landscape area to 19.3 feet. Mr. Dahlberg seconded the motion. The motion passed by the following vote: AYES: Coen, Chaitman, Dahlberg, Milani (4) NAYS: Kanter, Shachter (2) Adjournment: There being no further business or discussion, the meeting was adjourned at 9:37 pm. Respectfully submitted, Jeri Cotton Secretary

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