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9.07.2010 - Village of Deerfield

9.07.2010 - Village of Deerfield

16. Rain Garden and

16. Rain Garden and Savanna Plant Palette by Thompson Dyke & Associates dated April, 2010. 17. Site Amenities plan for Woodland Park by Thompson Dyke & Associates dated April, 2010. 18. Signage plan for Woodland Park by Thompson Dyke & Associates dated April, 2010. 19. Playground Equipment plan for Woodland Park by Thompson Dyke & Associates dated April, 2010. 20. Woodland Park Improvements Utility Plan (consisting oftwo sheets) by Thompson Dyke & Associates. 21. Woodland Park -- Site Plan review letter dated March 29, 2010, from Christopher Johnson, Fire Marshal for the Deerfield-Bannockburn Fire Protection District, to Ms. Linda Gryziecki, Executive Director for the Deerfield Park District. 22. Proposed Parking Lot Lighting Photometric plan for Woodland Park by Thompson Dyke & Associates labeled Appendix 6. 23. Proposed Shelter Lighting Photometric plan for Woodland Park by Thompson Dyke & Associates labeled Appendix 7. 24. Utility Exhibit for Woodland Park by Thompson Dyke & Associates dated March, 2010.

Deer iela Par District 836 Jewett Par k Drive • Deerfield, IL 600 15-329 1 • (847) 945 -065 0 • Fax (847) 945- 0699 • www.deerfieldp arkdistri ct.o rg August 19, 2010 Kent Street, Village Manager Village of Deerfield 850 Waukegan Road Deerfield, IL 60015 Re: Woodland Park Dear Kent: When we appeared before the Village Board ofTrustees for what we thought was a final hearing (Tuesday, July 6) and vote on the plan forproposed improvements to Woodland Park, discussion was tabled and we were directed to have further discussion with our park neighbors regarding their concerns. School Street Entrance The original plan presented to the Plan Commission moved the middle ofSchool Street 31' 5" tothe south. The existing roadway is in terrible shape, would need tobe dug up and rebuilt. With this in mind and with the acquisition ofthe 1313 Wilmot Road parcel; the intent was to relocate the road south equal distance from both neighbors, create a boulevard entrance, and save as many trees as possible. Atthe Plan Commission Meeting, we were asked to align School Street with Hertel Lane (west ofWilmot). This moved the middle of the entrance drive an additional 15' 2" south. The road then angles back north to tie into the original plan into the park. Different trees are impacted with each plan. With the alignment with Hertel, the 5' sidewalk on the south side of School Street is proposed to be 35' from the property line and over 50' to the Lindstrom residence. Travelling vehicles will be a minimum of55' from the house. Our landscape plan (attached) calls for a minimum of5' high evergreen screening hedge inaddition to the existing arbor vitae planted bythe Lindstroms. We have agreed to work with the Lindstroms on potential berming should that be desirable. As directed, we have met with representatives ofthe Community Development Department, Village Engineering & Planning, and the Police Department all of whom favor the alignment ofthe street with Hertel. Unfortunately our neighbors, the Lindstroms, do not agree. In proceeding through the Planning and Zoning Process, we did what we were told to do, however we have no problem going back to our original plan for the location of School Street equal distance from both neighbors should the Village Trustees direct us to do so. Crabtree Drop-offrrurnaround Since the July 6 Village Meeting, we have invited our neighbors to attend the July Regular Park Board Meeting as well as our August 5 Workshop Meeting. We originally provided two (2) different options for the turnaround and subsequently a third (3) based on input we received from one of the neighbors who requested that we attempt to work around the 2 existing Linden trees. Commissioners GilAntokal Joe Cohen jan Caron Greg Lapin Hick I'atinkin Linda Gryziecki, Director Affiliated W ith National Recreation and Park Association Illinois Association ofPark Districts Illinois Park and Recreation Association

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