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9.07.2010 - Village of Deerfield

9.07.2010 - Village of Deerfield


Village of Deerfield August 19,2010 Page 2 At our August 5 meeting, we were told by our Crabtree neighbors that they were not prepared to select one specific option but they did provide alist of things important to them: - further from the property line than closer - prefer the landscape island in the center - prefer 5' (not 8') sidewalks where possible - width ofthe road to be the minimum required - as many trees to remain as possible - reserve the option foradditional landscape screening around their homes should it be necessary Concerns were also expressed about volume oftraffic, speed oftraffic, additional safety signage, parking restrictions, speed bumps orother calming methods on Crabtree. We assume these items will be requested ofthe Village as they are out of our area of responsibility. We have cooperated and worked to rectify issues in the past: agreed toparking on one side only of Crabtree, installed the existing turnaround for better ingress/egress, relocated soccer fields from the lots east ofCrabtree, worked with affiliate groups on the scheduling offields. We no longer have plans to build an indoor facility on this site. In developing plans forthe park, we were presented with options that had a parking lot off ofCrabtree, another that had an entrance road on School Street with an exit into Crabtree. We believe an expanded parking lot off of School Street and drop-off/turnaround/pedestrian/bicycle access off ofCrabtree to be a compromise. Our neighbors do not agree. After review of the three options that are included in packets, we are presenting the revised Option #2 as part ofour Woodland Park plan and are asking Village Trustees to approve such as part of the plan. This option moves the turnaround 40' north ofthe property line, has the landscape island in the middle, incorporates 5' sidewalks on the east until itties into 8' sidewalks on the west, has a 36' radius that will still accommodate emergency vehicles as well as one temporarily parked car and another going around. In correspondence that was distributed by Laurie Heyl following our two meetings, a revised version of relocating one of the existing ball diamonds again appeared. We have no plans to move the existing ball diamonds and have repeatedly stated that we are opposed to doing so as: 1. They have been in the current locations since the facility was a school. We have pictures dating back tothe 1960s in the current location. 2. Backstops located along the perimeter ofparks allow for flexibility in programming the grass outfields for soccer, lacrosse, football etc. 3. Backstops are normally only placed in the middle ofa park when creating a wagon wheel complex with sports lighting in the outfields. Otherwise why would we want to place a fence in the middle ofwhat isa large, open expanse of grass. 4. The orientation ofthis ball diamond as relocated isthe worst possible alignment as batters would have the afternoon sun in their eyes. 5. There isalso the cost factor of an estimated $50,000 per ball diamond for relocation.

Village of Deerfield August 19, 2010 Page 3 We look forward to meeting with the Village Trustees as well as moving ahead on the much needed and awaited improvements toWoodland Park. fn-.V \ Yda Gryziecki Executive Director Attachments as follows: A. School Street Location Plan B. Revised Landscaping Plan: Park Entrance & Parking Lot Area C. Different Options: Crabtree Drop-oll/Turnaround D. Revised Turnaround Option #2* *Recommended for approval as part ofour application cc: Jeff Ryckaert, Community Development Barbara Little, Public Works and Engineering Department John Sliozis, Deerfield Police Department Chris Johnson, Deerfield-Bannockburn Fire Protection District

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