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9.07.2010 - Village of Deerfield

9.07.2010 - Village of Deerfield


REQUEST FOR BOARD ACTION Agenda Item: 10-81 Subject: Authorization to Approve Supplement No. 1 for Resident Engineering Services for Takeda Pharmaceuticals of North American Headquarters Child Care Facility Action Requested: Approve Supplement No. 1 for Takeda Phase II Construction Engineering Services to Gewalt Hamilton Assoc, Inc. in an Amount Not to Exceed $19,580 Originated By: Director of Public Works and Engineering Referred To: Mayor and Board of Trustees Summary of Background and Reason for Request Takeda Pharmaceuticals is preparing to begin construction of the Child Care Facility at the Northeast corner of Lake Cook Road and Saunders Road. The Child Care Facility will bring the addition of a small building and parking lot north of the existing three buildings. The Development Agreement requires that an outside professional engineering firm perform project oversight, on-site inspections, and construction documentation to ensure compliance with approved engineering plans and specifications. As with Phase I and II of their development, the Department of Public Works and Engineering is requesting that Gewalt Hamilton Associates supervise construction activity, as an extension of the Engineering Department. The Developer wishes to start construction as soon as possible to get ahead of weather and have the new facility on-line by early 2011. In August the Engineering Department requested a proposal for construction engineering services from Gewalt Hamilton Associates. Gewalt Hamilton Associates successfully performed construction engineering services for Phase I, and is currently finalizing Phase II, of the Takeda development. Their familiarity with the development and their understanding of state and local requirements make Gewalt Hamilton Associates an ideal candidate for the project. The proposal will be a supplement to their existing agreement for Phase II of construction engineering services. Gewalt Hamilton Associates has submitted a detailed proposal for construction engineering services outlining their approach and listing key personnel. Their services will include a full-time resident engineer in addition to inspectors, surveyors, material testing, and other technical personnel on an as needed basis. As part of the Development Agreement, the Village of Deerfield is required to administer the contract and pay all engineering fees and direct costs subject to reimbursement by Takeda Pharmaceuticals. The proposed contract has been reviewed and approved by Takeda representatives and their counsel. The Director of Public Works and Engineering recommends that the Mayor and Board of Trustees authorize the approval of Supplement No. 1 for Takeda Phase II Construction Engineering Cervices Gewalt Hamilton Associates, Inc. in an amount not to exceed $19,580. Reports and Documents Attached: None Date Referred September 7, 2010 Action Taken: ___________________________________

REQUEST FOR BOARD ACTION Agenda: 10-82 Subject: Authorization for Mayor to Sign Addendum to Intergovernmental Agreement for Wilmot Road Infrastructure Rehabilitation Action Requested Authorize Mayor to Sign Agreement Originated By: Engineering Department Referred To: Mayor and Board of Trustees Summary of Background and Reason for Request: In December, 2007 the Village of Deerfield Board of Trustees approved an Intergovernmental Agreement (IGA) with the Illinois State Toll Highway Authority (ISTHA) and the Cook County Highway Department (CCHD) to coordinate the construction of the improvements at the intersection of Wilmot Road, Lake Cook Road and I-294. You will recall that the Lake Cook Road Bridge Replacement and Roadway Widening Project was a joint effort between the Cook County Highway Department and the Illinois Tollway to improve travel and reduce impact on motorists. The project was part of the Illinois Tollway’s North Tri-State Tollway (I- 294/94) Rebuild & Widen Project to provide congestion relief. The bridge over the northbound lanes of the Tri-State Tollway (I-294) was rebuilt and widened in order to accommodate the Tollway’s Rebuild & Widen Project. As part of that project, the Tollway also widened and resurfaced about ¾ of a mile of Lake Cook Road from west of the southbound I-294 entrance and exit ramps to east of Wilmot Road. The project also included water main construction and resurfacing along Wilmot Road. The IGA was signed by the CCHD, ISTHA and the Village of Deerfield. The IGA outlined the financial responsibilities of each party. The IGA was executed by all parties and is dated January 31, 2008. The CCHD has requested an addendum to the IGA because their costs went up when they did the land acquisition for their roadway improvements. The Tollway covered those expenses to expedite the work. The additional costs must be presented to the County Board in order to fully reimburse the Tollway. The Village of Deerfield has fulfilled their financial obligation and no further reimbursement for this contract is required. The reason this document affects the Village is because the Village was signatory to the original agreement. The County has verbally approved this addendum and the Tollway is now asking us for approval. The Director of Public Works and Engineering recommends that the Board of Trustees authorize the Mayor to execute the Intergovernmental Agreement Addendum. A copy of the agreement is attached for your reference. Reports and Documents Attached Copy of Agreement Date Referred to Board: September 7, 2010 Action Taken: ________________________________________

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