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9.07.2010 - Village of Deerfield

9.07.2010 - Village of Deerfield

August 16, 2010 The

August 16, 2010 The regular meeting of the Board of Trustees of the Village of Deerfield was called to order by Mayor Rosenthal in the Council Chambers of the Village Hall on Monday August 16, 2010 at 7:30 p.m. The Clerk called the roll and announced that the following were: Present: Harriet Rosenthal, Mayor Alan Farkas Thomas Jester Mary Oppenheim William Seiden Barbara Struthers Absent: Robert Benton and that a quorum was present and in attendance. Also present were Village Attorney Peter Coblentz and Kent Street, Village Manager. PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE Bobby Doebler from Boy Scout Troop 50 and members of Boy Scout Troop 150 led those in attendance in reciting the Pledge of Allegiance. The scouts are all working toward their Citizenship in the Community merit badge. MINUTES OF PREVIOUS MEETING Trustee Seiden made a motion to approve the minutes from the August 2, 2010 Board of Trustees meeting. Trustee Farkas seconded the motion. Trustee Jester made a correction. The motion passed unanimously. BILLS AND PAYROLL Trustee Oppenheim made a motion to approve the Bills and Payroll dated August 16, 2010. Trustee Struthers seconded the motion. The motion passed by the following vote: AYES: Farkas, Jester, Oppenheim, Seiden, Struthers (5) NAYS: None (0) PUBLIC COMMENT There was no Public Comment. REPORTS REPORT AND RECOMMENDATION The Plan Commission held a Public Hearing on OF THE PLAN COMMISSION RE: August 12, 2010 to consider the request for a REQUEST FOR A SPECIAL USE TO Special Use to permit the establishment of a PERMIT THE ESTABLISHMENT OF restaurant for Rosebud Market and Pizzeria at A RESTAURANT FOR ROSEBUD 560 Waukegan Road. The Plan Commission voted MARKET AND PIZZERIA AT 560 5-0 in favor of the recommendation. WAUKEGAN ROAD

Board of Trustees Meeting August 16, 2010 Page 2 of 6 REPORT AND RECOMMENDATION The Village Center Development Commission held OF THE VILLAGE CENTER a Workshop Meeting on July 7, 2010 to consider the DEVELOPMENT COMMISSION RE: request for a Special Use to permit the REQUEST FOR A SPECIAL USE TO establishment of a restaurant for Rosebud Market PERMIT THE ESTABLISHMENT OF A and Pizzeria at 560 Waukegan Road. The RESTAURANT FOR ROSEBUD Commission voted 6-0 in favor of the MARKET AND PIZZERIA AT 560 recommendation. WAUKEGAN ROAD Mark Knauer from Knauer Architects Inc. and Nancy Krause from Rosebud Market and Pizzeria were present. Mr. Knauer discussed the site plan, stating they are proposing keeping the façade similar to the former Baker’s Square façade, but they would repair the stucco and paint the building red. They propose adding an awning valance around the building, painting the green window frames black and generally redecorating and repairing the building. Mr. Knauer stated they want to make the building appear as close to new as makes economic sense. He noted they would also add plantings in front of the building. Mr. Knauer stated they propose a new sign package which includes a monument sign in lieu of a pole sign. The signs would be similar in size and construction to the Deerfield High School sign, but the sign would be black with gold leaf trim. Mr. Knauer stated one issue they are facing is the screening and buffering. He is convinced the screening and buffering to the west is not an issue and would work with the neighbors to the southwest with a buffer. Mr. Knauer stated the only contentious item is the proposed marquee lighting, which he has used successfully in the past. They propose having 210 feet of lighting with five watt lamps at 12 inches on center. Mr. Knauer stated the lamps would be incandescent lamps with an 8000 hour life, and proper maintenance would take place. Mr. Knauer stated the other concern was setting a precedent within the community. He has not observed this elsewhere, as this lighting is not appropriate for every architectural vernacular. Mayor Rosenthal noted that neighbors have expressed concern about parking on Central Avenue. The parking counts seem to be within the guidelines of the ordinance. She does not believe Rosebud would have patrons parking on the street and that it is likely Renu Day Spa customers parking on Central. Mayor Rosenthal questioned where the valet parking would be located. Mr. Knauer responded that they do not foresee valet parking will be required in the beginning, but on peak nights where valet will be required, they will work within the ordinance. Mr. Knauer acknowledged that parking spaces cannot be coned off for valet parking, but he does not have offsite valet parking plans at this time. He will work with the Village when it is needed. Mr. Knauer feels the existing parking is adequate for their needs. Mayor Rosenthal strongly recommends that when valet parking is needed, it be complimentary. She believes that will be good for the restaurant and will promote good will in the community. Mayor Rosenthal raised the request for screening to the southwest for residents of Coromandel. Mr. Knauer explained they have agreed to install the requested fencing, but they do not have a specific plan at this point. Trustee Seiden mentioned that the Plan Commission suggested the petitioner meet with the residents, but the meeting has not yet taken place.

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