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9.07.2010 - Village of Deerfield

9.07.2010 - Village of Deerfield

To: Mayor and Board

To: Mayor and Board of Trustees From: Plan Commission Date: August 12, 2010 RECOMMENDATION Subject: Request for a sign modification to increase the maximum sign height for Luna Flooring Gallery, 350 Lake Cook Road APPROVED We transmit for your consideration a recommendation adopted by the Plan Commission of the Village of Deerfield on the request of the petitioners for a modification to increase the maximum sign height for Luna Flooring Gallery, 350 Lake Cook Road. The Plan Commission held a public hearing on August 12, 2010. At that public hearing, the petitioners presented testimony and documentary evidence in support of the request. A copy of the public hearing and workshop minutes are attached. In support of its request, the Plan Commission makes the following findings of fact and conclusions: Subject Property FINDINGS OF FACT The subject property consists of Luna Flooring Gallery at 350 Lake Cook Road. The property is zoned C-2 Outlying Commercial District and is part of a commercial Planned Unit Development (originally known as the Golden Bear PUD) which includes the subject property, the Parkway Bank property, and the building to the west where Charles Ifergan Salon, Rainbow Cleaners and Woodfire Grill are located. The Luna Flooring Gallery building is approximately 6,600 square feet in area. Background and Proposed Plan In 1998, the Board of Trustees granted Douglas TV, 350 Lake Cook Road, permission to install their sign above the roof deck (Ordinance No. O-98-36) as part of the major renovations made to the façade of the building. The sign height granted to Douglas TV was used by Village staff as a maximum sign height for Tweeters (replaced Douglas TV) and Luna Flooring Gallery. The Luna wall sign received Appearance Review Commission (ARC) approval earlier this year and was installed. When installing the Luna wall sign, the sign company discovered a structural beam, and could not install the sign as approved and the sign was installed 15 inches higher than approved. The approved height is 17 feet 11 inches and the installed height is 19 feet 2 inches, 15 inches higher than approved. The petitioner is requesting a sign modification to allow the Luna Flooring Gallery south wall sign to be installed 15 inches higher than the maximum height allowed by ordinance O-98- 36 which was passed on August 19, 1998.

Mr. Bush, the property owner and business owner, is aware that the sign has been installed incorrectly. Earlier this year, Mr. Bush appeared before the Appearance Review Commission and expressed his desire to have the sign remain as installed. Mr. Bush believes the installed sign location looks better and is better centered on the façade than the approved sign location. The ARC does not disagree with Mr. Bush. However, the ARC does not have the authority to grant a sign on this building that would be higher than the height line established by Ordinance O-98-36. All present ARC members stated that they were comfortable with the installed height of the wall sign. The Luna wall sign could have been installed in the approved location if an electrical raceway was used. An electrical raceway is a rectangular box behind the sign that holds the electrical components of the sign. Typically, the ARC is not in favor of raceways. Aesthetically, signs look better if the sign’s letters are mounted directly to a wall and no raceway is used. Mr. Bush would like the Village to approve the sign height as installed and thereby grant a sign modification that would allow the increased height. CONCLUSIONS The Plan Commission has reviewed the petitioners’ request for a sign modification and believes the request is reasonable and should be granted. The Plan Commission believes the sign is appropriately placed on the wall and does not believe the sign needs to be placed lower on the wall. They believe granting a sign modification to allow the sign to be above the previously approved location is appropriate. The Plan Commission believes the sign is aesthetically pleasing in its current location on the wall. RECOMMENDATION Accordingly, it is the recommendation of the Plan Commission that Luna Flooring Gallery’s request for a sign modification to increase the maximum sign height by 15 inches to 19’2” to the top of the sign be approved. Ayes (5) Berg, Jacoby, Shayman, Wasserman, Swartz Nays (0) None Respectfully submitted, Michael Swartz, Chairman Deerfield Plan Commission 2

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