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9.07.2010 - Village of Deerfield

9.07.2010 - Village of Deerfield

ecame a public parking

ecame a public parking lot. The Village acquired this property in 2003 for “public use as a municipal parking lot and for redevelopment purposes” according to ordinance 0- 02-43 that authorized the acquisition of the property. The former Peterson Lane was converted to a parking lot in the 1980s. Surrounding Land Use and Zoning The properties surrounding the Village owned properties are: North: R-5 General Residence District – First Presbyterian Church P-1 Public Lands District – Jewett Park Community Center South:Deerfield Road is immediately south of the property, and across Deerfield Road is C-1 Village Center District – Deerfield Square East: C-1 Village Center District – Commercial properties owned by Morelli/Fiorini (810 – 816 Waukegan Road which includes the entire roadway and parking area behind the commercial buildings); and the commercial properties owned by Sy Taxman (800 – 808 Waukegan Road) West: C-1 Village Center District – AT&T building switching station Background and Proposed Plan At the June 21, 2010 Board of Trustees meeting, the Board referred the clean-up of these Village owned public parking lots to the Plan Commission for a public hearing and to the VCDC for a meeting. The Board sent the matter to the commissions with the understanding that the Village is not looking to redesign the parking lot for a future use, but the commissions will look at the plans for temporary improvements with respect to safety, striping, parking, truck traffic, and landscaping. At the June 21, 2010 meeting, the Village Board also instructed that the temporary plans for the Village owned lots are to only include the Village properties, not the commercial properties to the east. Attached is the report and recommendation of staff that went to the Board of Trustees for their June 21, 2010 meeting which was previously distributed to the Plan Commission. The enclosed report summarizes the two concepts proposed for temporary plans that were developed at the direction of the Board of Trustees. The Village of Deerfield (property owner) is seeking a Special Use to allow the restriping and landscaping buffer for the property. The Village retained Tim Doron of Gewalt Hamilton to analyze the plans and give his input in regards to safety and traffic flow in the parking lots. Enclosed are two plans for consideration by the Plan Commission. Each plan has a significant landscape buffer along Deerfield Road that is 19.33’ deep. Each plan also allows four paths/walks from Deerfield Road into the parking lot, bike racks, accommodates trucks, and a truck loading area is provided at the southeast corner of the parking lot. The Village has been discussing the clean-up with the neighboring property owners including the Waukegan Road commercial property owners to the east, the Park District, and the First Presbyterian Church. The first plan (option C) has 90 degree parking and consists of three drive aisles, with the two southernmost aisles having two-way traffic flow with 90 degree parking spaces, 2

and the northernmost aisle being one-way with angled spaces, and accommodations for truck deliveries/loading for a 62 foot long wheel base truck (WB-62) for the Waukegan Road commercial businesses. This plan provides for 119 parking spaces on the Village property, and 11 spaces on the church property for a total of 130 spaces. This 90 degree parking plan is favored by the Plan Commission. The second plan (option D) has angled parking spaces with one-way aisles on the north and south and a two-way aisle in the middle and accommodates truck deliveries/loading for a 62 foot long wheel base truck (WB-62) for the Waukegan Road commercial businesses. This plan provides for 99 spaces on the Village property including 9 parallel spaces along the landscape buffer, and 11 spaces on the church property for a total of 110 spaces. The angled parking plan was preferred by the VCDC based on past comments. At the direction of the Plan Commission and VCDC, staff retained professionals to assist in the design of the lots. Mr. Tim Doron, Director of Transportation Planning at Gewalt Hamilton Associates, has refined the 90 degree plan and the angled plan that were developed by Village staff. Enclosed are the two refined plans developed by Gewalt Hamilton. Village staff also requested a written report from Mr. Doron. Mr. Doron’s memo dated July 26, 2010 provides the Village goals for the site, and the pros and cons of 90 degree and angled parking. Instead of repeating all of the points in Mr. Doron’s memo, please see Mr. Doron’s memo dated July 26, 2010. During the Plan Commission public hearing, Mr. Doron indicated that he favors Option C, the 90 degree parking plan, as it maximizes the parking spaces, is more comfortable for the driver, allows for flexibility of movement with two-way drive aisles, and provides a one-way aisle in front of the preschool with enough room for a drop-off lane. The Village also retained landscape architect Phil Rosborough Partners Inc. to professionally design a landscape buffer along Deerfield Road. The landscape architect has prepared two options for consideration by the Plan Commission. Landscape buffer option # 1 (L-3.0) is a more contemporary design that includes more colors and ornamental grasses in the plan to screen the parking lot. At the bottom of the landscape plan is a written description of this naturalized plan. Landscape buffer option # 2 is a more traditional design with an evergreen hedge that acts as a linear green fence screening the parking lot. At the bottom of the landscape plan is a written description of the linear plantings plan. Compatible with Existing Development CONCLUSIONS The Plan Commission prefers parking lot restriping Option C and landscaping Option 1. The Plan Commission believes Option C’s restriping and layout improvements should help improve safety and traffic flow. The Plan Commission believes the restriping plan is designed with safety in mind and that the plan will improve the safety of children at the preschool drop-off and pick-up. The Plan Commission prefers the 90 degree parking spaces and two-way traffic flow 3

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