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9.07.2010 - Village of Deerfield

9.07.2010 - Village of Deerfield

Restriping and

Restriping and Landscaping of Village Owned Parking Lots Public Hearing August 12, 2010 Page 2 creating pedestrian paths between the parking lot and the sidewalk, and creating a landscape buffer along Deerfield Road. He said the proposed landscape buffer will be 19.3 feet in depth and bike racks will be provided. He noted that drop-off and pick-up queuing for the preschool has been accommodated. He said his observations show a maximum of 3 to 4 cars queued at one time. He noted that the 2009 demand study showed the peak demand is 104 parking spaces which occurred at 9 a.m. on a Tuesday. Mr. Doron said the parking lot layout options have been designed to accommodate a 62 foot wheelbase truck. He noted a 50 foot wheelbase truck has about the same turning movements as a 62 foot wheelbase truck. Mr. Doron presented Option C and noted that it has 130 parking spaces, mostly at 90 degrees with two-way aisles, with some angled parking along the north drive aisle. The north drive aisle by the preschool will be one-way westbound and truck traffic will be prohibited in this aisle. Commissioner Wasserman asked if the parking options have equal levels of safety for children and pedestrians. Mr. Doron said Options C, D and E are equally safe. Mr. Doron said the medians between the parking spaces are 4 feet deep and provide for overhang. Mr. Doron showed how a truck would navigate the site and access the loading zone and noted it requires some maneuvering as the space is tight for a large truck. Mr. Doron said signage will direct trucks to navigate the site. Chairman Swartz asked if the signage will be effective at keeping trucks away from the preschool. Mr. Doron said signage should generally be effective. He noted the movements at the north end of the site are tighter and will not be appealing to truck drivers. He pointed out that the site will be painted, not curbed, so the trucks will be able to cross over the lines if necessary. Chairman Swartz said he likes the 34 foot wide north drive aisle in Option C as it provides room to parents to pull over and drop-off children, and allows other cars to pass. Commissioner Jacoby asked if the bike racks could be moved from the location south of the loading zone. She is concerned that a truck backing up may not see a child at the bike racks. Commissioner Shayman suggested bollards could be installed by the bike racks. Mr. Doron said the bike racks could be moved elsewhere in the landscape area. The Plan Commission agreed that the bike racks should be moved further west in the landscaped area. Mr. Doron explained that there will be four paths for pedestrians and bikes connecting the parking lot and the existing Deerfield Road sidewalk. Commissioner Wasserman pointed out that while a truck is navigating an aisle and the turn movements, other cars may have to wait for the truck. Mr. Doron said that is correct, the truck will move across the whole aisle; Options D and E also have that situation. He noted Kevin’s Place is a small business so he may not be able to get a smaller delivery truck. Mr. Doron noted the bike shop will likely have large truck delivery traffic as well. Mr. Doron presented Option D. He noted the center aisle is two-way angled parking and the north and south aisles are one-way angled parking. Mr. Doron said angled

Restriping and Landscaping of Village Owned Parking Lots Public Hearing August 12, 2010 Page 3 parking is easier to pull into, but the maneuver to back out can be difficult if someone is parked next to a big vehicle. Chairman Swartz asked if the parking spaces in plans C and D are 9 feet wide; Mr. Doron confirmed they are. He noted that the spaces are angled at 64 degrees and they have provided the proper measurements for the spaces and aisle dimensions. He noted that both Options C and D have the same turning radiuses. Mr. Doron said Option D shows nine parallel parking spaces at the south end of the property along the landscape buffer. Option E removes these nine spaces, as recommended by the VCDC. Option D has 110 spaces and Option E has 101 spaces. He said the angled parking plans have very wide aisles, but painting the pavement can help control the traffic. Chairman Swartz said Mr. Doron’s memo lists some of the disadvantages of angled parking, and he is concerned about wrong-way drivers increasing accident risks and pedestrians having more challenging paths. He asked if Option E addresses these two issues. Mr. Doron said these two issues still exist in Option E. Mr. Doron noted that angled parking forces the traffic into the area behind the commercial businesses where there will likely be more pedestrians. Chairman Swartz asked Mr. Doron which restriping option he prefers, considering the surrounding uses, the fact that the purpose of the plan is not to provide permanent parking for the surrounding uses, and that the plan will be temporary until the property is redeveloped. Mr. Doron said he would like to discuss truck loading before he answers the question. He said the Village has a few options regarding truck loading. The Village can allow large trucks to access the parking lot. He pointed out that in order for a large truck to access the parking lot via Robert York Avenue and Jewett Park Drive, the truck must intrude into lanes of oncoming traffic. He said another option is that Waukegan Road could have designated loading hours such as 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. He noted that getting into the parking lot will not be a problem for small trucks, like UPS and Feed Ex trucks. Another option is to do nothing. Chairman Swartz said if the Library expands, parking spaces to the north by the Library and Village Hall will be occupied and demand for parking will be pushed south. He does not think a comprehensive plan for the entire quadrant needs to be created, but he feels it is best to provide more parking rather than less parking. Mr. Doron said he favors Option C, the 90 degree parking plan, as it maximizes the parking spaces, is more comfortable for the driver, allows for flexibility of movement with two-way drive aisles, and provides a one-way aisle in front of the preschool with enough room for a drop-off lane. Commissioner Wasserman inquired about the landscape buffer in Option E. Mr. Doron said Option E has the 19.3 foot landscape buffer, and the area immediately north of the landscape buffer has been striped in yellow to prevent parallel parking. Commissioner Wasserman asked why the VCDC requested no parallel parking in this location. Mr. Doron said the VCDC did not favor parking along the landscape buffer and they were uncomfortable with the possibility of cars backing out of the angled parking spaces and backing into parallel spaces. Commissioner Shayman asked about the cut-through in the southern rows of parking in Options D and E. Mr. Doron said the cut-through

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