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9.07.2010 - Village of Deerfield

9.07.2010 - Village of Deerfield

Restriping and

Restriping and Landscaping of Village Owned Parking Lots Public Hearing August 12, 2010 Page 6 Commissioner Wasserman asked how Option 1 will look in the winter. Mr. Rosborough responded that there are some evergreens in Concept 1 and certain densely branched plants can be used. Option 1 will provide less winter screening than Options 2 or 3. Chairman Swartz asked about salt tolerance. Mr. Rosborough said all the plant species were chosen for moderate to good salt tolerance. The evergreens are considered moderately salt tolerant. The 19.3 foot buffer allows the plants to be installed about 20 feet from the street and 9 feet from the sidewalk, which will help reduce salt spray. He noted that snow storage could be located on the north side of the landscape area. Chairman Swartz asked Mr. Rosborough which plan he prefers. Mr. Rosborough said he likes Option 2 better than Option 3 as he does not like the berm. Commissioner Wasserman asked the reason for the price range on the landscape options. Mr. Rosborough replied that the prices will depend on the sizes and species of plantings and the timing that they will be installed. Chairman Swartz then opened up the hearing for public comment on the landscaping options. No one from the public wished to comment. There being no further discussion, motion to close the public hearing was made and seconded. Respectfully submitted, Kathleen Von Ohlen, Associate Planner

Workshop Meeting August 12, 2010 Page 5 Discussion of recommendation for restriping and landscaping of Village owned parking lots. The Plan Commission discussed the restriping options. Commissioner Berg said he prefers restriping Option C. It maximizes the number of parking spaces and provides for good traffic flow. He is concerned about the location of the bike racks by the loading zone, and he is concerned about trucks traveling through the north drive aisle by the preschool. He noted that if large trucks are prohibited from entering the parking lot, those concerns would be alleviated. Commissioner Shayman likes restriping Option C. He believes it is straightforward and clear. He noted that trucks are an issue and the Village has expressed a desire to get the truck loading off Waukegan Road. He said Option C can accommodate the trucks and there is a low volume of truck traffic. Commissioners Jacoby and Wasserman also prefer restriping Option C. Chairman Swartz said he also likes Option C and he is comforted that Mr. Doron also prefers Option C. He is pleased that Option C allows enough room by the preschool so that parents can pull over to drop-off children and there is still enough room for another car to pass. He would like to see restriping Option C installed and prohibit large trucks from entering the lot at this time. Small trucks, such as UPS and Fed Ex trucks, should be encouraged to use the parking lot. If necessary in the future, the Village can prohibit trucks from stopping on Waukegan Road with the knowledge that they can be accommodated in the parking lot. The Plan Commission discussed that the original location of the bike racks is okay as long as large trucks are prohibited from using the lot. The bike racks can be moved in the future if large trucks are allowed in the lot. The Plan Commission discussed the landscape options. Commissioner Wasserman said he prefers the least expensive landscape option as it is only temporary until the properties are redeveloped. The least expensive choice is Option 1. Commissioner Jacoby said both Options 1 and 2 are nice. She noted that Option 1 would provide less coverage in winter. Commissioner Shayman asked if the ash trees will be removed or retained for Option 2. Mr. Rosborough said Option 2 was originally designed so that the ash trees would be removed and replaced with honey locust. He said Option 2 can be adjusted so that the ash trees remain. Mr. Rosborough said Option 2 is simple and works well for a temporary project and it will be easier to reuse in the future. Chairman Swartz believes Option 2 looks too manufactured, predictable and linear. Commissioner Shayman said those are the reasons he likes it. He believes Option 2 does a good job of combining formal and looser plant materials.

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