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9.07.2010 - Village of Deerfield

9.07.2010 - Village of Deerfield

Workshop Meeting August

Workshop Meeting August 12, 2010 Page 6 Chairman Swartz said he prefers Option 1 as it is softer and more natural and does not completely screen the parking lot. He noted either plan will be a great improvement compared to what it in place now. Commissioner Berg said the plan is temporary so the cheaper option would make sense, but he noted that it still may be in place for several years. Chairman Swartz said the cost difference between the plans is not that much over a few years. The Plan Commissioners agreed they do not favor landscape Option 3 and they do not care for a berm. Chairman Swartz and Commissioners Berg, Jacoby and Wasserman prefer landscape Option 1. Commissioner Shayman prefers landscape Option 2. Commissioner Berg made a motion to approve the Village of Deerfield’s request for a Special Use to allow changes to the Village owned public parking lots at 750, 758, and 800 Deerfield Road for restriping and landscaping, with restriping Option C and landscaping Option 1, with the recommendation that small trucks be encouraged to use the parking lot and that larger trucks have designated hours for loading on Waukegan Road as determined by the Village. Ayes (5): Berg, Jacoby, Shayman, Wasserman, Swartz Nays (0) None This item will be before the Board of Trustees on Tuesday, September 7 at 7:30 p.m.

Workshop Meeting July 8, 2010 Page 2 Prefiling Conference: Restriping of Village owned parking lots along Deerfield Road Mr. Kent Street, Village Manager, Village of Deerfield, 850 Waukegan Road, explained that the Plan Commission, the Village Center Development Commission (VCDC), the public and staff have provided input to the Board of Trustees on the proposed clean-up of Village owned parking lots along Deerfield Road. On June 21, 2010 the Board directed that the lot striping and landscaping plan for the Village owned properties be presented for Special Use consideration. There are two concept plans which will be presented tonight. Mr. Street explained that the concept plans address improvements to safety, truck access, vehicle access, parking lot striping, aesthetics and landscaping. The proposed clean-up plans take into account improved safety for lot users and the neighboring uses including the day care, Church, Jewett Park Community Center and the commercial properties to the east. The plans accommodate trucks by providing delivery truck access for the commercial properties to the east, located away from the day care dropoff/pick-up area and thereby reducing the need for truck deliveries on Waukegan Road. Mr. Street explained that the existing drive aisles and parking space striping is worn and not coordinated for the site as a whole. Vehicle access will be improved with new drive aisles, and new parking lot striping will meet or exceed code dimension requirements. To improve aesthetics, the clean-up plans provide added landscape screening from Deerfield Road, in addition to the streetscape elements already on site, which was strongly requested by the VCDC. Mr. Street explained that the Village intends that the striping and landscaping will be installed later this year. He said that based on the current economy and other factors, it seems likely that the proposed parking lot clean-up improvements will be in place for 3- 5 years. Mr. Street said the neighboring property owners have expressed a preference to retain as many parking spaces as possible. In addition, the Presbyterian Church intends to stripe handicapped spaces on the Church property that runs along the north side of the Village property. Prior to the public hearing, staff intends to meet with neighbors and provide concept plans. Mr. Street said the Village would like the Pan Commission to advise on whether professional traffic and landscaping consultants should be retained for this project. Ms. Jean Spagnoli, Planner, Village of Deerfield, 850 Waukegan Road, presented a 2010 aerial image of the subject properties. She said Public Works has recently removed the excess curbing, barriers, islands, walls and other unnecessary obstructions in the parking lots. Commissioner Wasserman asked about the large tree in the southeast corner of the site. Ms. Spagnoli said the tree is on Village property and both clean-up plans allow the tree to remain. She explained the four existing light poles in the middle of the site are to remain and the parking lot aisles and striping are designed around them.

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