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9.07.2010 - Village of Deerfield

9.07.2010 - Village of Deerfield

Workshop Meeting July 8,

Workshop Meeting July 8, 2010 Page 3 Ms. Spagnoli presented the first proposed concept plan which was developed by Village staff. The first concept plan consists of 140 parking spaces, three drive aisles, with the two southernmost aisles having two-way traffic flow with 90 degree parking spaces, and the northernmost aisle being one-way with angled and parallel parking spaces. The site was designed to accommodate a 40 foot wheel base truck, not a semi trailer truck. The existing curb cut at the Jewett Park Drive entrance will have to be modified to accommodate truck traffic. A delivery/loading area will be provided on the east side of the parking lot and signage will direct trucks to properly navigate the site. As trucks enter the site they will be directed to travel to the southernmost drive aisle, they can load/unload on the east side of the parking lot, and the trucks will be directed to exit the site via the middle drive aisle. The trucks will not be allowed to pass through the northernmost drive aisle where the Church and day care entrance are located. Ms. Spagnoli said the eastern portion of the northernmost drive aisle near the Church is wide enough to allow a car to stop for drop-off/pick-up, and still allow another car to pass. The western end of the northernmost drive aisle is narrowed by the parallel parking spaces which will slow down traffic. Chairman Swartz asked if the neighbors have been shown the plans. Mr. Street said that to this point the plans have been shared with the Church, the Park District and Ms. Joy Fiorini (property owner to the east). The first clean-up plan provides four handicapped spaces and the Church has indicated that they will be providing two additional handicapped spaces. The Church will pay for its portion of the parking lot seal coating and striping. The parallel parking spaces are located on Village property. Ms. Spagnoli explained that the first clean-up plan contains a pedestrian path through the parking lot that lines up with the cross walk to Deerfield Square. A 5 foot wide landscaping strip has been provided along the southern portion of the property along Deerfield Road. Some landscape islands along Deerfield Road exist presently, and the first clean-up plan proposes to fill in some of the gaps in the landscaping while maintaining the existing trees and shrubs already present. Chairman Swartz asked if additional lighting will be provided on the western end of the site. Mr. Street said three existing light poles currently exist near the western sidewalk and will remain. Ms. Spagnoli said a bike rack has been provided near Deerfield Road. East of the bike rack are three handicapped parking spaces which are adjacent to a sidewalk ramp allowing a handicapped person to reach the sidewalk without crossing a drive aisle. A fourth handicapped parking space is provided on Village property near the northeast corner of the site, and the Church will maintain it’s existing handicapped space and add one more handicapped space in the northeast corner of the parking lot. Commissioner Wasserman noted that people will have to enter the parking lot to park their bikes. Ms. Spagnoli pointed out four paths from the Deerfield Road sidewalk that lead into the parking area.

Workshop Meeting July 8, 2010 Page 4 Ms. Spagnoli explained the parking lot spacing is generous. The code calls for 24 foot wide aisles for 90 degree parking and 27 feet is provided. The parking stalls are 9 feet wide by 19 feet deep and meet the code requirements. She pointed out the 90 degree Deerfield Square parking lot is undersized and many people find it tight. Commissioner Wasserman asked if the diagonal parking in the northernmost drive aisle is designed for one-way traffic flow. Ms. Spagnoli said that is correct. The Village is proposing oneway traffic flow near the Church and day care entrance to lessen traffic flow and increase safety. The parallel parking spaces along the western portion of northern drive aisle serve to narrow the drive aisle to slow traffic. Ms. Spagnoli presented the second clean-up plan which was designed by Village resident Larry Dondanville. Mr. Dondanville presented his original plan at a Board meeting and Ms. Spagnoli has worked with him to redraw the plan in scale. The second clean-up plan provides 87 angled parking spaces. The second plan includes an 18 foot wide landscape buffer as desired by the VCDC. Chairman Swartz noted an aisle of parking is lost for the wide landscape buffer. Ms. Spagnoli said the second plan accommodates a 40 foot wheel base truck. The second plan also provides four handicapped parking spaces, but they are located where a handicapped person would have to cross a drive aisle. With this plan the Church would also be providing two handicapped parking spaces on its property. She said the drive aisles are 30 feet wide, which is very large for one-way flow. Chairman Swartz commented that 30 feet is too wide and will encourage people to drive fast. Commissioner Berg asked if the 18 foot wide landscape buffer could be added to the first plan. Ms. Spagnoli replied that the 18 foot wide landscape buffer could be applied to the first plan, but she recommends that the bike rack and three handicapped spaces at the southeastern corner of the parking lot remain. Chairman Swartz asked how many spaces would be lost on the first plan if the 18 foot landscape buffer was added, while maintaining the bike rack and handicapped spaces. Ms. Spagnoli said 14 spaces would be lost and the aisle width would remain the same. Chairman Swartz noted that parallel parking could be added along the landscape buffer. Commissioner Wasserman observed that the truck access and loading is similar on both plans; Ms. Spagnoli confirmed that is correct. Commissioner Shayman asked the pros and cons of 90 degree parking versus angled parking spaces. Ms. Spagnoli said 90 degree parking allows flexibility of movement with two-way traffic flow and allows more parking spaces to be provided on the site. More aisle width is needed for 90 degree parking. Chairman Swartz said that for angled parking to function properly drivers must obey the one-way traffic flow and signage. He does not believe one-way flow will operate as elegantly or efficiently as two-way flow in this situation. Chairman Swartz said the Plan Commissioners need to provide input on which plan they prefer and if professionals should be retained for traffic and landscaping. Commissioner Wasserman believes a professional review is needed. Chairman Swartz agreed.

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