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9.07.2010 - Village of Deerfield

9.07.2010 - Village of Deerfield

Workshop Meeting July 8,

Workshop Meeting July 8, 2010 Page 5 Commissioner Shayman noted several VCDC members wrote letters in favor of the second plan and asked staff what approach the VCDC had in considering these plans. Mr. Ryckaert said the VCDC is very concerned about hiding the lot from view and the wide landscape buffer appealed to them. The VCDC is also concerned about safety and they believe the Dondanville plan addresses safety issues. Commissioner Shayman asked if having one entrance/exit is sufficient for the entire lot. Chairman Swartz said it is preferable to having a curb cut on Deerfield Road. Ms. Spagnoli noted that the lot is currently functioning with one entrance/exit. Chairman Swartz said the Board was very clear in their direction to the Plan Commission that the clean-up plan would not be too involved and would not involve surrounding properties. Commissioner Shapiro said he does not feel strongly one way or the other on retaining a traffic consultant. He said the project is not complicated and Village staff has handled it well so far. He likes the first concept plan with the addition of the 18 foot wide landscape buffer. He believes the first plan with the 90 degree parking is more logical and well laid out. Commissioner Berg said he also does not feel strongly that a professional traffic analysis is necessary. He believes the Plan Commission needs to look primarily safety and also at utility and purpose. He believes there is plenty of parking provided and is not worried about losing some parking spaces. He said the lot is an eyesore and believes the 18 foot wide landscaping buffer will improve aesthetics. Commissioner Wasserman commented that a traffic professional will be able to comment on the safety of the proposed design and that is very important. Commissioner Shayman said he too does not feel strongly that a traffic expert should be engaged, but he believes it may be worthwhile. Commissioner Wasserman asked for an example of another Village owned parking lot with the same parking space and aisle dimensions. Ms. Spagnoli said she also designed the commuter parking lot (Farmer’s Market lot) and the spaces are smaller (8.5 feet wide) because it is long term parking. She said Deerbrook Mall has 90 degree parking, with spaces 9 feet wide by 19 feet deep and 24 foot wide aisles. Commissioner Berg asked about the Deerfield Square parking lot. Mr. Ryckaert said the lot at Deerfield Square contains spaces that are 9 feet wide by 18 feet deep with 24 foot aisles. A variation was granted for the 18 foot deep spaces. Chairman Swartz asked the members of the public in attendance if they wished to speak. Mr. Paul Eck, 755 Chestnut Street, commented that the merchants on Waukegan Road may not have a say in the size of the delivery trucks that come to the property. He asked how larger trucks will be able to deliver. Chairman Swartz suggested the merchants can let the suppliers know that the parking lot in the rear of the property has been redesigned to accommodate 40 foot wheel base trucks and that any trucks parked on Waukegan Road will be ticketed.

Workshop Meeting July 8, 2010 Page 6 Chairman Swartz said he would like a professional to look at the proposed clean-up plan for traffic and safety, especially considering that trucks will be using the lot and that the day care’s entrance is through the lot. Commissioner Wasserman noted that the clean-up plan is designed for the next 3 to 5 years, but the parking lot could possibly be in place for another 10 to 15 years and he believes a professional safety assurance is necessary. The Plan Commissioners agreed a traffic engineer should be retained. Commissioner Shayman asked if the parking lot islands will be curbed or striped. Ms. Spagnoli said the parking lot design is all done with striping and the only curbs to be installed would be for the landscaping to hold in the soil. The Plan Commission discussed whether a landscape expert should be retained. Mr. Ryckaert believes input from a professional landscape architect will help in getting a good design for the location, size and species of the new plantings. Commissioner Shayman said improving the aesthetics of the lot is important and he believes that if the Village is going to install the 18 foot wide buffer it should be done the right way with professional guidance. The Plan Commissioners agreed. Chairman Swartz summarized that the Plan Commissioners prefer the first concept plan over the second concept plan. They like the idea of adding the 18 foot wide buffer to the first plan, except in the southeast corner of the site where the bike rack and handicapped spaces are located. The Plan Commission also believes the professional traffic and landscaping consultants should be retained. The public hearing on this proposal will be held on August 12, 2010.

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