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9.07.2010 - Village of Deerfield

9.07.2010 - Village of Deerfield

it just as critical to

it just as critical to provide better and more landscape screening along Deerfield Road, then I can identify on either plan - it can simply be bushes or hedges to hide the vehicles from cars and pedestrians driving by. Not small bushes and plants rising to the height of a bumper. -As this is going to be a busy parking lot, I would like to suggest that either plan be limited in scope of access from Deerfield Road, since people would be entering into an active traffic flow in the middle of an aisle. The landscaping could help to limit this to maybe provide access only on the east and the west and not in the middle. We do not want to encourage bikes or walkers to traverse this busy lot. " -Needless to say neither plan addresses the other real issues of the adjoining property to the east having access from Waukegan Road or providing for inclusion of their " "alleyway" in our property or overall safety issues for the entire quadrant and I do not " believe that should be done at this juncture. ThIs should only be done when we are in a position to provide a permanent development solution for the property and not become locked in by reason of a temporary fix. I must offer an opinion which is mine and not necessarily that of the VCDC. I believe we have somewhat lost control over this property by the perceived perpetuation of it as a public parking areain which surrounding parties over the years since demolition of the bank first took place have found a sense of entitlement. Before the Bank building was torn down, there was very limited public parking and I certainly don't believe it was purchased to provide a municipal parking lot, but yet after it's purchase it became public parking. Before the Lindeman building was torn down that property also did not provide public parking. When the Lindemann building was purchased, I also believe it was not purchased to become a public parking area either. Yet as we look at them today, both the old bank lot and the Lindemann lot is a full service public parking area. I understand that economic times and planning have thwarted development of this parcel and certainly appreciate that fact. I also understand that the surrounding uses could use more parking but hey somewhat managed before when these lots were not available. But now the surrounding uses are perceiving themselves as entitled to parking on this property by reason of being able to over the past years. Not necessarily a wrong impression on their part. I know we need to make it safe for them to use in the interim, but never the less if and when the Village determines what it wants to do with this property, these perceived rights to park there will need to be addressed and will not be easily swept aside. I am sorry for this editorial comment but could not contain myself. I look forward to the clean up, beautification and safety improvements to the property at a reasonable cost. Thank you for listening. Alan

From: Oscar Adler [] Sent: Thursday, June 17, 2010 2:08 PM To: Alan H. Garfield Subject: RE: Lindemann Property Plans for Review I agree with your point of view. I suggest however that we do something right now before it is too late and .the planting can't take place because of the weather in fall andwinter, Lets agree on putting greenery on the side of the lot that faces Deerfield Road NOW. It will be benefit us now and I am sure we can get good prices from the people who will bid NOW. Ithanks Oscar Adler

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