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Adult Literacy and New Technologies - Federation of American ...

Adult Literacy and New Technologies - Federation of American ...

1 1 Chapter 6-Improving

1 1 Chapter 6-Improving the System: Promising Roles for Technology I 185 Services to Clients at the Duchess County ACCESS Center i Recruitment and outreach 1 # Direct ! II Referral [ I I I Media 1 I Orientation 1: pre-assessment Orientation II: EDP meeting GED/academic ! L I 1 , I Support services I It I I 1 Counselingkase management Childcare/family literacy Transportation I I I I I i Review/adjust EDP Self-sufficiency KEY: EDP = employability development ptan; C3ED = general qulvalency diploma. J I 1 I

186 I Adult Literacy and New Technologies: Tools for a Lifetime grams? Some respond by treating each program determine if the individual might be better suited separately. One study found that local adult to receive Adult Education Act-funded serveducation sites did not generally coordinate ices.’ ’ 72 According to this same study, Federal AEA-funded services with those supported by accountability and reporting requirements were other adult education and training programs. “For largely responsible for these practices. “Local example, a potential student entering . . . as a programs believed that they needed to operate the result of a JTPA recruitment or referral receives programs separately in order to ensure that they JTPA services. . . . No assessment is conducted to were complying fully with all Federal require-

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