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140 is described by

140 is described by ((O,p) = H(O - #), where H is the Heavyside function, and (H(:I) is not satisfied. The following trick can be used to widen the applicability of the center manifold technique to delay equations. If we consider the fixed point equation u = T(.)¢ + ICN,,,od(U, v) (7.11) for u E BC'~(R; X) we should realize that we can restrict our attention to elements u of the form u(t) = x, (7.12) for some z e BC~(R;R"). Substituting (7.12) into (7.11) and applying $ we obtain x = (~, T(.)¢) + (5, ]CN,,od(X., u)) (7.13) which is a fixed point problem in BC~(R; R ~) parametrized by ¢ E X0. It so happens that v --+ ($, ~:g,,od(Z., u)) has better smoothness properties than # --+ L(#). The details of this approach for FDE's will be elaborated elsewhere. For Volterra integral equations they are presented in [DvG84]. References [Bal73] [CDG+87a] [CDG+87b] [CDG+S9a] [CDG+S9b] J.M. Ball. Saddle point analysis for an ordinary differential equation in a Ba- nach space. In R.W. Dickey, editor, Proceedings of a symposium on Nonlinear Elasticity. Academic Press, New York, 1973. Ph. C16ment, O. Diekmann, M. Gyllenberg, H.J.A.M. Heymans, and H.R. Thieme. Perturbation theory for dual semigroups. I. The sun-reflexive case. Math. Ann. 277, pages 709-725, 1987. Ph. C16ment, O. Diekmann, M. Gyllenberg, H.J.A.M. Heymans, and H.I~.. Thieme. Perturbation theory for dual semigroups. II. Time-dependent pertur- bations in the sun-reflexlve case. Proc. Roy. Soc. Edinb., 109A, pages 145-172, 1988. Ph. C16ment, O. Diekmann, M. Gyllenberg, H.J.A.M. Iteymans, and H.It. Thieme. Perturbation theory for dual semigronps. III. Nonlinear Lipschitz con- tinuous perturbations in the sun-reflexive case. In G. da Prato & M. Ianelli, edi- tors, Volterra Integro-differential Equations in Banach Spaces and Applications, volume 190 of Pitman Research Notes in Mathematics, pages 67-89. Longman, 1989. Ph. Cl6ment, O. Diekmann, M. Gyllenberg, H.J.A.M. Heymans, and Thieme. Perturbation theory for dual semigroups. IV. The intertwining for- mula and the canonical pairing. In Ph. Clgment, S. Invernizzi, E. Mitidieri, and I.I. Vrabie, editors, Semigroup Theory and Applications, volume 116 of Lecture Notes in Pure and Applied Mathematics, pages 95-116. Marcel Dekker, 1989.

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