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Fact Sheet San Martín Campus - more - - Diocese of Las Vegas

Fact Sheet San Martín Campus - more - - Diocese of Las Vegas

St. Rose

St. Rose Fact Sheet - San Martín Campus, p.2 San Martín Campus Services • Like the other two St. Rose hospitals, San Martín will offer a large variety of health services including: o Emergency Department o Full range of surgical services o Full range of rehabilitative services o Obstetrical, gynecological and pediatric services o Full diagnostic imaging services, including MRI and CT o Full compliment of cardiac services o Cancer/oncology services o Private patient rooms with guest accommodations o Chapel, and chaplains o Extensive Community Outreach programs San Martín Name • The name San Martín was chosen in honor of St. Martín de Porres. o Martín de Porres was a personal friend and counselor to Rose de Lima in the 1600s. o His father was Don Juan de Porres, a Spanish nobleman. o His mother was Anna Velasquez, a freed woman from Panama of African descent. o As a Dominican brother, Martín was known for his ability to provide physical and spiritual care to the sick and poor, including slaves. o St. Martín maintained an animal hospital and established an orphanage and hospital for poor children. • The San Martín Campus name was chosen in context with the names of the two existing St. Rose hospitals, the Rose de Lima and the Siena Campuses. o The Rose de Lima Campus is named for Rose of Lima, Peru. St. Rose was the first canonized saint of the Americas and is known for combining her deep mystical life with a life of service to oppressed Indians and African slaves. o The Siena Campus is named in honor of Catherine of Siena. Born in Siena, Italy, in the 1300s during a time of tremendous political, economic and social change, Catherine’s life was characterized by her devotion to the sick and her quest for peace and unity. Her letters and writings are considered among the most brilliant in the history of the Catholic Church. - more -

St. Rose Fact Sheet - San Martín Campus, p.3 Additional Project Details • Excluding the medical office building, the project will cost approximately $148 million. • Funding sources for the hospital include: hospital operations, long-term financing, community donations and a capital campaign. • Kitchell Contractors, Inc. of Phoenix, Arizona is the construction coordinator for the project. • The project architect is HKS, Inc. of Dallas. • The finished areas of the San Martín Campus will equal approximately 346,535 square feet. Additional shelled space will encompass 42,176 square feet. • The hospital’s mission-style, southwest exterior will compliment neighboring areas. Its non-institutional interior will focus on appealing to the senses of patients, employees and visitors through the use of light, color and elements of nature. St. Rose Dominican Hospitals • Rod A. Davis, President, Nevada Market Area and St. Rose Dominican Hospitals – Siena Campus, oversees operations of St. Rose Dominican Hospitals’ facilities and ancillary services. • In July of 2004, Vicky VanMeetren was named as Hospital President of St. Rose Dominican Hospitals’ new San Martín Campus. • Under the sponsorship of the Adrian Dominican Sisters and in response to the changing needs of the people of Southern Nevada, St. Rose Dominican Hospitals offer quality, compassionate care. The hospitals promote wholeness of body, mind and spirit in the Dominican tradition of working with others to improve the health status of the community in a shared pursuit for justice and truth with a commitment to those with special needs. ###

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