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The Rose Club of The Horticultural Society of Iceland. Triennial ...

The Rose Club of The Horticultural Society of Iceland. Triennial ...

About 130 different

About 130 different varieties have been tested. It showed that varieties from the spinosissima-, rugosa- and moyesii-groups have proven the most hardy ones. A number of rose varieties received from Finland after the Rose Club visited its Finnish sister organization in 2007 have proved very hardy and floriferous. Experience from private gardens shows that a number of Canadian rose varieties also are hardy, especially the varieties introduced by G. Bugnet, F. Svejda and F. Skinner. Many other Canadian Roses, however, while winter hardy apparently require higher summer temperatures than offered by the cool oceanic climate prevailing in Iceland. As winters are rather warm on the average in Iceland tempered by the Gulf Stream it is clear that winter hardiness is not the only factor that determines survival. Climatic patterns in late winter and spring months play a major role as well as low summer temperatures. Local soils are often generated by the erosion over the last thousand years as fine grained silt that easily becomes waterlogged in the spring and suffers from drying out during the summer months losing its air content and thus the ability to sustain fine rose roots. Methods for soil improvement have been introduced and recommended to members and the public. The annual favourite rose The club members voted for their favourite rose for the first time in 2010. The Finnish originating Rosa spinosissima 'Juhannusmorsian' or "Midsummer bride" was the choice. In 2011 the vote went to the well known Canadian favourite 'Louise Bugnet'. Both are reliable in Iceland and the colour, form and scent of their flowers are celestial!

A new rose garden inaugurated A new rose garden was established and opened in July, 2011 in Laugardalur Gardens, next to the Reykjavik Botanical Garden. This is a cooperative project between the Rose Club, The gardening division of City of Reykjavik Department of Environment and the Agricultural University of Iceland. The rosarium is dedicated in honour of Jóhann Pálsson, former director of Reykjavik City Gardens, and opened on his 80th birthday. Attendance at the inauguration ceremony indicated rising public interest in roses and progress made by the Rose Club. The rose garden is always open and freely accessible to the public. It is planted with rose varieties that have showed promise in trials of the Rose Club and members gardens in recent years. The Nordic Rose Weekend 2012 in Iceland. The rose societies of all the 5 Nordic Countries, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden have organized a common Nordic Rose Society to promote exchange of experience and information among their members. This joint organization will celebrate its 40th anniversary in 2013. The five member organizations alternate in organizing and hosting rose weekends in one of the countries every second year open to individual members of all the national societies. habit. Its only vice is its rather aggressive tendency to spread by root shots which accounts for her name in Icelandic mean the one who literally shoots about. It is mainly suitable for large country gardens. During the final event of the week, an outdoor grill held on the summer estate of the current chairman of the Nordic Rose Society Vilhjálmur Lúðvíksson, he passed the baton to Lauri Korpijakko chairman of the Finnish Rose Society which will host the event in In 2010 Sweden hosted the Nordic Rose Weekend in Gothenburg. There Iceland agreed to host the event in 2012. On July 27th to 29th over 100 visitors from the 4 sister countries joined with about 40 members of the Icelandic Rose Club to enjoy three full days of conferencing, banqueting, visiting rose gardens and sightseeing in the rather exotic nature of Iceland. The Icelandic rugosa variety recently named 'Skotta' received considerable attention due to its hardiness, flower form and colour, strong scent and floriferous

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