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installation and operations manual - Rose Electronics

installation and operations manual - Rose Electronics

Figure 5. User

Figure 5. User information Next, enter the requested User information as shown in Figure 5. Enter the user information and serial number. (Note: serial # is located on the installation CD) When all information has been entered, click "Next". Figure 6. Destination folder You can install the MultiStation PC software in the default folder name “C:\Program Files\MultistationPC\” or change it to a folder name of your choosing by clicking on the “Browse” button. (Figure 6) 10 MULTISTATION PC INSTALLATION AND OPERATIONS MANUAL

Figure 7. Installation successful When the installation is complete, the final “Finish” screen will display. (Figure 7). Click on the “Finish” button and restart the computer to initialize and load the MultiStation PC software. MULTISTATION PC INSTALLATION AND OPERATIONS MANUAL 11

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