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Anthony P. Carnevale Stephen J. Rose Andrew. R. Hanson

Anthony P. Carnevale Stephen J. Rose Andrew. R. Hanson


Appendix D: OCCUPATIONS BY CERTIFICATE REQUIREMENT (O*NET) The following appendix contains a list of occupations based on data from the Occupational Information Network (O*NET), developed by the Employment and Training Administration division of the Department of Labor to provide educational requirements of each occupation in the economy on the basis of detailed information about the mix of knowledge, skills, and abilities of each job. A survey of incumbent workers in each occupation asked, “What is the highest level of educational attainment needed to perform the tasks of the job?” The table below provides a list of occupations where survey respondents said certificates was the highest educational requirement. The table is limited to those with greater than 10,000 survey respondents where at least 20 percent of respondents said a certificate is the lowest level of education required. Occupation Number of Certificates: Gateway To Gainful Employment and College Degrees Respondents Share That Report Certificate as Lowest Education Required Bus and truck mechanics and diesel engine specialists 222,143 80.2% Skin care specialists 29,638 74.1% Barbers, hairdressers, hairstylists, and cosmetologists 321,667 72.9% Shampooers 15,117 67.6% Sound engineering technicians 11,002 66.7% Mobile heavy equipment mechanics, except engines 94,785 65.5% Boat and cycle mechanics 30,682 63.5% Electronic equipment installers and repairers, motor vehicles 76,364 56.6% Massage therapists 38,340 56.6% Dental assistants 212,913 55.9% Aircraft mechanics and service technicians 72,952 55.2% Tool and die makers 45,463 54.5% Cement masons and concrete finishers 110,682 52.8% Telecommunications equipment installers and repairers, except line installers 101,485 50.9% Crane and tower operators 22,539 48.6% Automotive service technicians and mechanics 357,863 48.0% Operating engineers and other construction equipment operators 209,126 47.9% Electricians 317,093 47.5% Nursing aides, orderlies, and attendants 782,503 46.0% Helpers–Installation, maintenance, and repair workers 74,234 45.1% 47

48 Occupation Number of Respondents Share That Report Certificate as Lowest Education Required Sales representatives, services, all other 339,603 45.0% Travel agents 42,420 45.0% Carpenters 501,674 44.8% Electrical and electronics installers and repairers, transportation equipment 25,237 44.2% Surgical technologists 48,634 43.8% Manicurists and pedicurists 30,039 42.9% Power and Medical equipment repairers 56,071 42.7% Property, real estate, and community association managers 221,244 42.0% Emergency medical technicians and paramedics 101,563 41.1% Control and valve installers and repairers, except mechanical door 19,241 40.2% Real estate sales agents 303,306 40.1% Opticians, dispensing 29,198 39.7% Electric motor, power tool, and related repairers 8,779 39.5% Cutters and trimmers, hand 10,210 38.3% Sheet metal workers 63,022 37.5% Industrial machinery mechanics 112,361 36.7% Administrative services managers 99,066 36.6% Construction helpers 71,651 35.0% Drilling, milling, turning, and boring machine tool setters, operators, and tenders 41,576 34.4% Millwrights 17,226 33.4% Network systems and data communications analysts 122,187 33.1% Electrical and electronics repairers, commercial and industrial equipment 28,006 32.5% Electro-mechanical technicians 5,737 32.5% Computer-controlled machine tool operators, metal and plastic 45,415 32.0% Maintenance and repair workers, general 462,111 31.9% Computer systems analysts 198,616 31.9% Aircraft structure, surfaces, rigging, and systems assemblers 12,260 31.8% First-line supervisors/managers of mechanics, installers, and repairers 147,156 31.3% Directors, relgious activities and education, religious workers 21,897 31.3% Heating, air conditioning, and refrigeration mechanics and installers 90,407 31.2% Construction and related workers, all other 16,836 30.9% Licensed practical and licensed vocational nurses 253,615 30.7% Automotive glass installers, body and related repairers 56,513 30.5% Electrical, electronic, and engine equipment assemblers 73,238 30.1% Audio, video equipment, broadcast technicians and radio operators 17,969 29.8% Sailors, captains, ship engineers, and mates 55,360 29.8% First-line supervisors/managers of housekeeping and janitorial workers 79,630 29.6% Fire fighters, fire inspectors and investigators 104,077 29.4% Medical and clinical laboratory technicians 51,358 29.3% Machinists 117,755 29.1% Medical transcriptionists 29,871 28.8% Cooks and food servers, private household, nonrestaurant 63,791 28.8% Certificates: Gateway To Gainful Employment and College Degrees

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