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Anthony P. Carnevale Stephen J. Rose Andrew. R. Hanson

Anthony P. Carnevale Stephen J. Rose Andrew. R. Hanson

State Share of

State Share of Certificates with Economic Value Virginia 49.6% Delaware 49.4% Utah 49.3% Arkansas 49.2% Nevada 49.0% Minnesota 49.0% Texas 47.9% District of Columbia 47.3% Kansas 47.3% Alabama 46.2% Wisconsin 45.0% Florida 45.0% Certificates: Gateway To Gainful Employment and College Degrees State Share of Certificates with Economic Value North Carolina 43.9% California 43.7% Michigan 43.3% Georgia 43.1% Washington 43.0% Kentucky 42.1% Illinois 41.5% Louisiana 40.9% New Hampshire 40.9% Colorado 39.3% South Carolina 37.5% 61

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