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Spring 2012 - Buckeye District

Spring 2012 - Buckeye District


ISABELLE MARTENS I sadly report the passing of Emeritus Horticulture Judge Isabelle Martens from Olmsted Township who served our district for many years as an Accredited Judge. The Buckeye District is indebted to Isabelle for her loyalty, her expertise and her service. HORTICULTURE JUDGING SEMINAR The Buckeye District currently has 37 Accredited Horticulture Judges, 3 Apprentice Horticulture Judges and 16 Emeritus Judges. I have contacted the several judges who need a seminar this year to maintain their accreditation, and we have decided to have a seminar on Saturday, June 9th from 2-6 pm in the volunteers’ offi ce in the Columbus Park of Roses shelter house. The Park of Roses is the location of the Columbus Rose Club Rose Show on that date. All judges are welcome to attend the seminar. COMPLETE REVISION OF GUIDELINES FOR JUDGING ROSES At the ARS Board of Directors meeting in Tyler, Texas on April 21st , the Board approved a complete revision of Guidelines for Judging Roses, and it will be available very soon on the ARS web-site at no charge. It will be an 8 ½ x 11 inch format, the size of the type has been increased and each chapter has been paginated individually so that a chapter revision will not require reprinting the entire book. The new Guidelines addresses new challenge classes and includes chapters on rose show formats, national shows and judging minifl oras. However, the core principles established by the original Guidelines remain. All the material that formerly appeared in appendices at the end of the volume has been organized into chapters. Because of the increasing importance of shrubs in rose shows, Old Garden Roses and shrubs are no longer included in the same chapter. Since the new Guidelines has 90 pages, you may not want to download and print the entire volume from your computer. Therefore, you can purchase the revised edition from ARS and simply print individual chapters BUCKEYE JUDGES’ CORNER By Dr. Jim Hering 10 as revisions occur. The pages will fi t in a three ring notebook. The revision of the Guidelines was produced by Bruce Monroe, the National Chairman of Horticulture Judges with review and comments by the members of the National Horticulture Judging Committee. Although the larger size will not be as convenient to carry at a rose show, I think that you will fi nd the revision more complete, easier to use and easier to read. Be sure to register and attend the National Miniature Conference in Columbus, July 27-29 Debbie Zary, Brian Burley and Dr. Keith Zary from Gardens Alive at the Buckeye District Spring Meeting

TAKE TIME TO SEE THE ARRANGEMENTS Lew Shupe Buckeye District Arrangement Chair At the 2012 spring Buckeye District meeting, a focus of our program was to present an overview of a typical arrangement section of an exhibit. The fi rst part of the presentation was a “visual walk-through” of the basic types of arrangements that one would see in an ARS rose show. In this display were standard and miniature size arrangements, representing traditional, modern and Oriental designs. Also on display were artistic designs in special classes, such as the Princess, Duchess and Duke categories. Photo #1 shows a section of modern and Oriental arrangements; photo #2 illustrates the Princess design; and #3 presents the Duchess and Duke arrangements. “Modern and Oriental Style Arrangements” 11 “A Princess Arrangement (using roses and rose foliage only) “The Duchess and Duke Arrangements” The Buckeye District is fortunate to have arrangers who volunteer to share their experiences with designing, arranging, and exhibiting. For this exhibit program, the arrangers were Elton Smith, Ann Smith, Gary Barlow, Terri Lady, Randy Lady, Lew Shupe and our invited beginning arranger, Teresa Barnhart. Photos by Bruce DeLong

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