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Spring 2012 - Buckeye District

Spring 2012 - Buckeye District

One section that often

One section that often raises questions in a rose show, is the modern classes. The ARS Guidelines for Judging Rose Arrangements lists 30 modern arrangement styles, and these can vary in size, construction, dimension and many other factors such as transparency, movement and refl ectiveness. The second part of the program focused on selected aspects of modern arrangements. Gary demonstrated and discussed some of the elements such as linear direction, textural emphasis and forms that may emerge in a sculptural design. He showed examples of basic shapes of containers (the circle, square, rectangle, triangle, columnar, and combinations of these forms). Specifi c “mechanics” were pointed out that are used inside the containers to hold the fl owers and foliage in place, such as kenzans (sharp pointed needleholders), crumpled chicken wire, sticks, straws, stones, oasis and other materials. Concurrent with the discussion of modern design, Teresa volunteered to build a modern style design with Lew – and in view of the audience! At a previous District meeting, she mentioned her desire to learn to arrange, but was hesitant to get started; this was her chance to begin her “journey into arranging.” Teresa was given a standard size modern, red container, with oasis as the mechanics for the design. She selected the fl owers and plant materials with very little prompting. With reference to the earlier discussion on linear direction and the importance of texture and color, she began the design. With minimal suggestions, she decided on the placement of the materials, and with a few fi nal touches, fi nished her fi rst design. The audience heartily applauded Teresa’s courage of going through this creative process in front of an audience, as well as her attractive design - a tall, colorful arrangement in a modern red container. The photograph (#4) of Teresa with her fi rst design “speaks volumes.” When asked about having volunteered to do this demonstration, she said “It was scary, but so much fun!” She also asked two very important questions: “How do you know when to stop putting materials in to your arrangement?” and “How do you know when to stop?” To the experienced arranger, the answers relate to the application of the elements and principles of design, creativity, simplicity, focus and meaning and certainly experience; however, these questions are insightful for us to consider when working with beginning arrangers. One of the main objectives of the District arrangement programming is to involve beginners in learning about arranging, and to enjoy and feel comfortable for doing creative arrangements. A proposal from the District Arrangement Committee is to outreach in each of our local societies, and encourage and emphasize creating arrangements. We are requesting to have a designated contact person in each local organization to serve as an arrangement coordinator. This will assist us in developing a more active program throughout the entire District. We hope to attract more beginning arrangers from the Buckeye District, and look forward to teaching and working with them in the near future. Happy Arranging! “Teresa Barnhart and Her First Arrangement” 12

2012 AMERICAN ROSE SOCIETY You are cordially invited to attend the 14th Annual ARS National Miniature Conference and Rose Show, “Beautiful Ohio Gem of the Midwest”, being held on July 27, 28 and 29, 2012 in Columbus, Ohio which is celebrating its bicentennial. The Conference, honoring outstanding hybridizer Tom Carruth, will be hosted by the Delaware Area Rose Society, the Columbus Rose Club and the Lancaster Rose Club and will be held in the Double Tree Hotel Worthington – Columbus. Prior to the conference there will be an Arrangement Workshop from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm on Friday at the hotel, titled “Traditional, Modern and Oriental Miniature Arrangements” and coordinated by Drs. Lew Shupe and Gary Barlow. The Conference begins with a Welcome Reception on Friday evening and a great rose show on Saturday morning. The Saturday afternoon seminars and speakers include Tom Carruth, Dr. Gary Rankin, Dr. Monica Valentovic and a panel discussion of “The Future of Testing Miniature and Minifl ora Roses by ARS”. Saturday evening the awards banquet will be held in the hotel’s beautiful ballroom in and around the show roses with keynote MINIATURE NATIONAL CONFERENCE & ROSE SHOW Sponsored by the Delaware Area Rose Society, the Columbus Rose Club, and the Lancaster Rose Club speaker, Tom Carruth, followed by presentations of the Award of Excellence and Miniature Hall of Fame winners. The weekend will be packed full of great fellowship, seeing old acquaintances and making new friends. The Arrangement Workshop will explore the fundamentals of various styles of arrangements, with demonstrations and hands-on design of three arrangements of each student’s choice. Exhibition and critiques will relate to show themes and Traditional, Modern and Oriental Styles, including Japanese Haiku. Containers will be for sale. The program will be approved for ARS Arrangement Judges’ audit credit. Visiting instructors include Sandy Dixon (Florida), Lee Hale (Georgia) and Mary Peterson (New York). Registration is limited to 35 persons and the fee is $40. The Rose Show schedule will feature all of the traditional mini and minifl ora rose classes; some you may have seen before and some you not have seen. There will be some very interesting collection classes as well as some 13 July 27, 28 and 29, 2012 challenging arrangement classes. The four national trophies, the F. Harmon Saville Memorial Challenge Bowl, the Top Gun Minifl ora Challenge Trophy, the Ralph S. Moore Miniature Arrangement Trophy and the J. Benjamin Williams Minifl ora Arrangement Trophy will be the centerpieces of the show. In addition to the Arrangement Workshop and the Rose Show, there will be a Mini Rose Photography Contest with mounted but unframed photographs which can be entered between 6:00 and 9:30 am on Saturday. The rules and schedule for the Photography Contest are printed in the Rose Show schedule. On Friday evening, dinner will be on your own. There are many fi ne dining establishments within walking distance of the hotel so we will include a list of them in your registration packet. On Saturday, the prep room will be open from 4:00 am until 9:30 am and entries will be from 6:00 am to 9:30 am. This will allow you plenty of time to get your roses ready and entered. On Sunday, after you have had a

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