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Spring 2012 - Buckeye District

Spring 2012 - Buckeye District

can be found in this

can be found in this Bulletin. A Master Rosarian is a high honor, so do your colleagues a signifi cant favor by nominating them. A Buckeye District Horticulture Judging Seminar is going to be held at the Columbus Park of Roses on June 9, 2012. The purpose is to provide an opportunity for Accredited Horticulture Rose Judges to be updated on recent changes in judging rules and procedures, to review old judging rules and practices and to fulfi ll the ARS fouryear audit requirement to maintain accreditation. This event is being held in conjunction with the Columbus Rose Club’s annual rose show and the “Stop and Smell the Roses” event sponsored by the Columbus Park of Roses Volunteers and Foundation. Mark you calendars now for the Fall Buckeye District The success of any organization and businesses in general is dependent on the people who support and work for the entity. The Buckeye District has a great reputation for being one of the stronger districts in the country and is a tribute to those who have supported it in the past. For the next three year term, September 29th, 2012 to a similar date in 2015, we will have three District Chairs open, as many who have worked in these positions have worked in them for the last six years and will not be seeking nomination in the future. These include Bruce DeLong, Jeanette Pavuk and Pat Martinec. Bruce has done a stellar job with the newsletter. Jeanette and Pat have played instrumental roles behind the scenes to support the District. For their contributions we are very grateful and I extend my personal thanks to those who have asked to be replaced and for those willing to serve another three years. For the coming three year term we are in need of the following District Chairpersons. In all cases, those who have served in the past are willing to help with the transition. If you have a desire to fi ll one of these open positions, please give me a call to discuss. I will do whatever I can to support your efforts during the next three year term and hopefully have some fun at the same time. Buckeye Bulletin Open Secretary Open Treasurer Open If you have an interest in serving as a District Chairperson in Arrangements or Membership please contact Lew or Gary. They have agreed to either serve in these chairs, fi nd a replacement or work with someone 2 Rose Show and Meeting. This year’s event is being hosted by the Greater Cincinnati Rose Association and the Cincinnati Rose Club on August 25, 2012 at the Holiday Inn and Suites,4501 Eastgate Blvd. Cincinnati, OH 45245. A Registration Form can be found in this issue of the Buckeye Bulletin. The Bulletin also contains a list of the many local rose shows being held throughout the summer. Do plan on participating in one or more of these shows. As you can see, there are plenty of rose activities to take part in this rose season. Have a great summer and good luck at your local, District and National shows. Elton District Chairpersons Needed Larry Schock who has an interest that would like to serve these roles in the succeeding term. We are extremely fortunate to have Lew and Gary members of the Buckeye District and the level of commitment they have demonstrated in serving our district has been superior. Arrangements Judges Dr. Lew Shupe Membership Dr. Gary Barlow Those who have volunteered to serve certain chairs for the coming term, which we are most thankful for, include the following: Buckeye Website Terri Lady Consulting Rosarians Mark Miller Horticulture Judges Dr. Jim Hering Prizes & Awards Dr. John Dickman Roses in Review Ed Keck A heartfelt thanks goes to Randy Lady and Tom Rubin, who acted as past chairpersons for the Buckeye Website and Roses in Review, respectively. Randy is being replaced by Terri and Tom will be replaced by Ed Keck. Thanks in advance for those willing to support the District in the future!! Larry Schock 419-299-3236 (Home phone) 419-957-6323 (cell) Future District Director

Registra� on For Buckeye District Fall Rose Show August 25, 2012 (Please mail by August 1, 2012) Any registra� on a� er August 1, 2012 is $60.00 Registra� on + Exhibi� on Fee -- $55.00 / person including buff et lunch. Number of persons @ $55.00 _________________________________ Buff et Lunch only -- Fee $15.00 Number of persons for lunch @ $15.00 / Person ___________________ Please Print 3 Total $ ________________ Name(s) ___________________________________________________ Address ___________________________________________________ Telephone Number __________________________________________ Email Address ______________________________________________ Please mail check made out to Greater Cincinna� Rose Associa� on and this form to: Barbara Kuroff , 9826 Snider Road, Mason, Ohio 45040 Bkuroff Hotel reserva� ons should be made directly with Holiday Inn & Suites , 4501 Eastgate Blvd., Cincinna� , Ohio 45245, 513-752-4400 Rate / night $92.00 plus state & local taxes

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