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Spring 2012 - Buckeye District

Spring 2012 - Buckeye District

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if necessary to make room for other designs. Standard size arrangements will be placed in a space approximately 24'' wide and a table depth of approximately 30''. Niches are not being used. Because of varying dimensions of physical spaces from show-to-show, arrangers should be somewhat fl exible with these dimensions and plan their arrangement accordingly. All table coverings are neutral colored. Note some specifi c size restric� ons in the various class descrip� ons (especially Miniature and Minifl ora classes). Minifl ora and Miniature arrangements will be judged at eye level. 7. Arrangers may provide their own free-standing backdrops if desired, but they must fi t into the allo� ed spaces described in #6 above. These backdrops may be set up on Friday evening from 7:00 - 8:30. The design containers should have the exhibitor’s name concealed on the bo� om of the container. Care will be taken for the protec� on of the exhibit. The Greater Cincinna� Rose Associa� on and The Cincinna� Rose Society, The Marrio� Hotel/ Mason and the Buckeye District of the American Rose Society are not responsible for the loss of or damage to exhibitor property or prizes or for injury to persons a� ending the show. 8. The decision of the Judges is fi nal. Judging will be done according to the ARS Guidelines for Judging Rose Arrangements using the score card as follows: Criteria Points Conformance 15 Principles of Design 30 Perfec� on of the Rose(s) 30 Crea� vity and Expressiveness 15 Dis� nc� on 10 Total Points 100 9. A design must score at least 90 points to be eligible for a fi rst place ribbon and trophy. Only one 1st, 2nd, 3rd and honorable men� on ribbon may be awarded in each class. In addi� on to the class and best-of-sec� on awards listed in the schedule, the following may be awarded: One set of ARS Gold, Silver and Bronze Medal Cer� fi cates (92 points or above, using fresh AG roses) for both Standard and Miniature size designs. 10. Special Buckeye District Award may be awarded. The Martha and Irwin Jones Award for the best standard size tradi� onal arrangement. 38

The Buckeye District Consul� ng Rosarian Arrangement Trophy for the best standard size modern arrangement. The Buckeye District Director’s Oriental Design Trophy for the best standard size arrangement in the Oriental manner. The Marge and Pete Zimmerman Arrangement Trophy for the best miniature tradi� onal arrangement. The Buckeye Miniature Modern Design Trophy for the best miniature modern arrangement. The Buckeye District Miniature Oriental Design Trophy for the best miniature arrangement in the Oriental manner. The Robert A. Ha� erschide Arrangement Trophy awarded to the design a� aining the highest point score among all arrangements. In case of a � e, the arrangement judges of the show shall determine the winner. 11. If an arrangement is incorrectly placed, it will be judged in the class in which it was placed. Causes for disqualifi ca� on: Roses not outdoor grown and the use of ar� fi cial plant materials. 12. By entering this show produced under the auspices of the ARS, exhibitors agree to abide by these rules. JUDGES The Buckeye District gratefully acknowledges the American Rose Society accredited judges at our District Conven� on & Show. Special thanks to: ARRANGEMENTS Donna Tarrant, Waddy, Kentucky Barbara Stauch, Avon, Indiana HORTICULTURE Linda Jansing, Louisville, Kentucky Linda Kimmel, Indianapolis, Indiana Howard Carmen, Louisville, Kentucky Renee Lafolle� e, Indianapolis, Indiana Mark Nolan, Indianapolis, Indiana John Hefner, Indianapolis, Indiana 39

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