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Spring 2012 - Buckeye District

Spring 2012 - Buckeye District

These are individuals

These are individuals who are dedicated to the rose and educating others about roses. This is not an honorary title, but one that is approved by several levels of ARS membership, and earned by doing exceptional work. The basic requirements are as follows: a minimum of 10 years as a CR; outstanding performance with documentation (continue to serve in various functions such as an offi cer of a local society or district, write articles for the local bulletins, lecture when asked, and attend and participate in various seminars, such as pruning demonstrations); an active CR at the time of nomination; and a willingness to continue to serve as a CR. Please start thinking about which CR(s) in your club/society that should be designated with this honor. The deadline date for nominations is July 1, 2012. See the Master Rosarian Nomination Form 2012 attached in this bulletin. Please send all MR nominations to me either by email, or by postal mail, 22 Orchard Hts, Delaware, Ohio 43015. To help you with the nomination process I include the following list of Consulting Rosarians in the Buckeye District who maybe eligible for Master Rosarian nomination: Kathleen Aiello, David J Cheslock, Robert Clark, Bruce F. Graham, Tom Herr, Cheryl Menard, Rita Molina, Len Pavuk, Steven G Pyrak, William E Riddle, Thomas Rubins, Calvin Schroeck, Suzanne J Smith, Jeffrey P Sommer, Dolores Weber, and David Wisniewski. CURRENT BUCKEYE DISTRICT MASTER ROSARIANS AND YEAR RECOGNIZED: 2005 2006 Dr. John Dickman Dr. Gary Barlow Dr. James Hering Ken Heichel Dr. Lewis K. Shupe Jerry McCarthy George Meiling 2007 2008 Dr. Jim Englert Sue Dickman Dr. Jim Zimmerman Jerry Dolph Marian Wyman 2009 2010 Terri Lady Gene Bishop Brian Burley B. Anne Hering Albert Tom Wood 2011 David Jackson 6 New Consulting Rosarians: Congratulations to Ed L. Keck, Larry Schock and Wayne Ramsey. These three are the newest CRs in the Buckeye District. Keep up the good work. Consulting Rosarian Emeritus: Designation of Consulting Rosarian Emeritus was approved and presented to Andrea A.M. Pernotto at the Buckeye District Spring meeting. Congratulations to Andrea! Consulting Rosarian School: If you are in need of a four hour audit or are considering CR status make plans now to attend a full day CR school on October 20, 2012. The Forest City Rose Society will be hosting this CR School. More information will be presented later this year. Mark Miller Buckeye District CR Chairman

MASTER ROSARIAN NOMINATION FORM 2012 Consulting Rosarians, as a group, are among the most knowledgeable and active people in the American Rose Society. The ARS needs a well-motivated and educated group of CRs if the ARS is to continue to succeed in its mission. The Master Rosarian designation was created to recognize those CRs who have made outstanding contributions as CRs over a signifi cant period of time. The Master Rosarian (MR) is a Consulting Rosarian (CR) who (1) exemplifi es knowledge of roses and their culture, (2) shows a strong and demonstrated willingness to share this knowledge with other rosarians and the general public, (3) provides an example of outstanding service to the local rose society and the ARS, and (4) is a model of the ethical behavior exemplifi ed in the CR program. The achievement of the Master Rosarian designation by a CR is intended to recognize these outstanding volunteers and to motivate others to the same degree of excellence. Basic Requirements 1. A minimum of 10 years as a CR. Must have been appointed in 2002 or earlier (2012-10 = 2002) 2. Outstanding performance (documented below). 3. An active CR at the time of nomination. 4. A willingness to continue to serve as a CR. Nomination and Selection Process 1. Nominations will be accepted from May 1 – July 1, 2012. 2. All nominations must be submitted on this form. CRs may nominate themselves, be nominated by other ARS members, or by a committee of their local rose society. This form must be completed in its entirety. 3. The completed nomination form should be sent to the CR coordinator in each district. A committee consisting of the District CR coordinator, the District Director, and at least one other person, will review the nominations and make its recommendations. 4. All nominations, approved or not approved at the district level, will be forwarded to Carol Spiers (carol@ars-hq. org) at ARS-HQ no later than August 10. 5. A subgroup of the national CR committee will review the selections and announce the fi nal selections. The fi nal selections will be announced approximately September 1. Email submission preferable to Name of nominee: ______________________________________________________________________________ Local Rose Society: ____________________________________________________________________________ District: ______________________________________________________________________________________ Name of person completing this form: ______________________________________________________________ Local Rose Society: ____________________________________________________________________________ District: ______________________________________________________________________________________ Is this nominee approved by the District Committee? _____ Yes _____ No? If not, please comment on any issues regarding qualifi cations?________________________________________ ____ _________________________________________________________________________________________ Please use the following questions to present the credentials for each nominee. It is understood that every question may not be relevant to each nominee, but a Master Rosarian should excel in at least several areas. Additional documentation is needed only if requested. If you are uncertain about the credentials of any nominee, ask the nominee themselves or someone who can help you. An incomplete nomination form weakens the overall nomination. A “yes” response is not suffi cient for those questions requiring an explanation. The summary question (1) must be completed for each candidate. 7 MR 12-3/12

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