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SARGENT ® 80 Series

SARGENT ® 80 Series Exit Devices How to order (888) DUGMORE 888.384.6673 SARGENT exit devices supply the robust means to ensure safe egress from schools, auditoriums, public and commercial buildings during routine, daily activities and emergencies while providing the highest level of security at the opening. Designed and manufactured to survive high usage, abusive locations, these exit devices maintain an aesthetically pleasing appearance with a wide range of locking functions. Available in the mechanical functions to allow proper operation of the opening, they are BHMA certified to ANSI A156.3 Grade 1, comply with NFPA 80 and 101, and are fire Listed by UL and cUL. All SARGENT Concealed Vertical Rods are now available without a bottom rod! A great solution for those cross corridor doors in hospitals, schools and nursing homes. No bottom rod exit devices eliminate the need for a floor strike, decreases installation time, easier door prep and shortens rod adjustment time. Concealed top rod offers security and aesthetics. Top bolt is now guarded for additional security. Center case chassis has been redesigned with smooth linear motion. No bottom strike allows free access for wheelchair and carts and eliminates tripping potential. 8300 Narrow Stile Mortise Lock MD8600/NB-MD8600 & WD8600/NB-MD8600Concealed Vertical Rod for metal and wood doors Simplicity • Easy installation • Maintenance free design • Few moving parts – less wear • Modular construction • No need to remove device from door for keying Strength and Durability • Made of finest component materials • Heavy duty mounting construction • Built to withstand abusive conditions • Available options to meet Dade County Protocols and other local hurricane code requirements for high wind load and missile impact (consult factory) • 5 year warranty 12 Prefix 8400/NB8400 Narrow Stile Concealed Vertical Rod 8800 Rim 8500 Narrow Stile Rim 8900 Mortise Lock Aesthetics • Clean, simple, aesthetically pleasing design • “True” architectural hardware finishes consistent with BHMA/ANSI standards • Coastal Series decorative lever trim available 8610F ETL Series/Railsize Function/Trim 8700/NB8700 Surface Vertical Rod SARGENT 80 series exit devices are also available with SARGuide Electroluminescent (TL) and Photoluminescent (PL) technology. Learn more on page 230. 217 Fax: 888.329.3846 10B Finish Available with the antimicrobial finish. Learn more on page 4 RHRB Hand

(888) DUGMORE 888.384.6673 80 Series Exit Devices Available Functions 04 Key retracts latchbolt. 06 Operates only when key is in cylinder and turned. Lever retracts latchbolt. 10 No outside operation. Dummy trim available. 13 Key locks or unlocks lever or auxiliary control. 15 No cylinder. Trim always operable. 16 Key outside retracts latchbolt. Key inside locks or unlocks lever. Freewheeling lever. 28 Similar to 63 with no outside cylinder. Thumbpiece always operable. 62 Thumbpiece is operative only when key is in cylinder and turned. 63 Key locks or unlocks thumbpiece. 66 Key outside retracts latchbolt. Key inside locks or unlocks thumbpiece. 70 Key retracts latchbolt. Power off, unlocks thumbpiece. 71 Key retracts latchbolt. Power off, locks thumbpiece. 73 Power off, unlocks lever. 74 Power off, locks lever. 75 Power off, unlocks lever. Key o/s retracts latchbolt. 76 Power off, locks lever. Key o/s retracts latchbolt. ET/Freewheeling ET PTB PSB STS MAL MSL Fax: 888.329.3846 FLL FSL ETA ETJ ETB ETL ETE ETP ETF ETW 12 Prefix How to order 8610F ETL FLW FSW Series/Railsize Function/Trim Available Anti-Vandal Trim Designed for exterior doors that require extra security or resistance to vandalism, AVT anti-vandal trim plates have an extended lip on the active side of the door to provide extra protection for the latch bolt. A matte plastic coated grip provides a comfortable pull that feels good over wide temperature ranges. Fully thru-bolted with no exposed exterior fasteners for a cleaner look and increased security. E F J G PRK Available Rail Sizes 10B Finish For available designer trim, please turn to pages 1-2. Pulls: 862 - 1” x 10” 863 - 1” x 18”, & 864 - 3/4” dia x 10” 24” to 32” (61cm to 81cm) 33” to 36” (84cm to 91cm) 37” to 42” (94cm to 107cm) 43” to 48” (110cm to 122cm) RHRB Hand Auxiliary Control used with 862-864 pulls (specify) No cutting required for 32” (81cm) door No cutting required for 36” (91cm) door No cutting required for 42” (107cm) door No cutting required for 48” (122cm) door 218 SARGENT ®

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