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SARGENT ® P Series Exit

SARGENT ® P Series Exit Devices The P800 Series Exit Device is ordered complete. The exit device, trim, strike and keying requirement are shipped in one carton. Even the rail assembly is cut to the correct door width. • Hardware & Trim sold and shipped together • 11 different functions available as determined by the trim • Fail Safe & Fail Secure Solenoid ET Trims. Available in 12VDC or 24VDC • Functions: 04, 06, 10, 13, 15, 40, 43, 44, 46, 75, 76 The P888 exit device offers value without compromise. The exit device is ordered without trim. Trim is ordered separately and all trim styles and functions are designed to be used with the device, simplifying the selection process and marking the P888 the perfect stocking device. • One device with 7 functions; determined by the trim • 3 different styles of trim designs • The device and trim sold separately; easy to mix and match • Both the device and the trim are non-handed • Functions: 04, 10, 13, 15, 40, 43, 44, Functions 04 Key retracts latchbolt #34 Cylinder Required and Supplied 06 Key unlocks Trim, Trim retracts Latch/Trim relocks when key is removed; #41 Cylinder supplied 10 No outside operation (No Cylinder) ET Control is used as Pull Only 13 Key outside Unlocks/Locks Trim: #41 Cylinder supplied 15 Passage Only (No Cylinder) 40 Freewheeling Trim. No outside operation. (No Cylinder) Dummy Trim 43 Freewheeling Trim. Key outside unlocks/locks trim. #41 cylinder supplied 44 Freewheeling Trim. Key retracts latch, #34 cylinder supplies 46 Freewheeling Trim. Key Unlocks Trim. Trim retracts Latch/Relocks when key is removed 75 Electrified ET Trim - Fail Safe. Power off, Unlocks Lever, Key retracts Latch, #46 Cylinder supplied 76 Electrified ET Trim - Fail Secure, Power off, Locks Lever, Key retracts Latch, #46 Cylinder supplied How to order B Lever ET Trim (888) DUGMORE 888.384.6673 P800 & 12-P800 Rim Exit Device Specifications • For Doors: Wood or metal. 1-3/4" (44mm) Doors over 1-3/4" specify 31- • Mounting: Supplied standard with wood and machine screws. Available on order with through-bolts and mortise nuts • Chassis Cover: 12-Steel alloy • Hand: Non-handed • Dogging Feature: Allen-type dogging furnished standard. Available with cylinder dogging (16- prefix/option) • Latchbolt: Stainless steel, 3/4" (19mm) throw • Strike: 649 standard & fire rated (12- prefix/option) • Fire Exit Hardware: Single Door 4'0 x 8'0 Double Doors with Mullion same direction 8'0 x 8'0 223 Fax: 888.329.3846 L Lever J Lever P8 Lever & Rose Trim Available for P888 & 12-P888 PSB Pull Available for P800 & 12-P800 Please call a Dugmore & Duncan Sales Technician For Assistance P888 & 12-P888 Non-Configured Rim Exit Device P Lever STS Pull

(888) DUGMORE 888.384.6673 421 Cam Action Closer The SARGENT 421 is a revolutionary door closer that provides unheard of performance in track arm applications. The dual piston cam design provides high efficiency and smooth operation with the clean appearance of a track arm. Conventional door closers are restricted by the linear gear ratio of the rack and pinion. This results in a constant application of spring force as the door opens and closes. While this is very effective in double lever arm applications, single lever track arm applications have limitations. The shape of the cam is the heart of the cam action door closer. The cam controls the application of the spring forces and is carefully designed to apply those forces in the most effective manner for track type applications. The SARGENT 421 closer has the highest efficiency of any surface mounted door closer on the market today. This means that a door equipped with this closer will feel light to open and have plenty of power to overcome stack pressure or other problems at latch. The high efficiency of the 421 comes from its advanced design. Closing forces are applied to the spindle through the continuous smooth surface of the cam and hardened roller bearing follower. The dual pistons' simplified design provides a superior internal seal and reduced friction within the closer. Fax: 888.329.3846 How to order Features • ANSI/BHMA Grade 1 (A156.4) • Conforms to standards UL 10C and UBC 7-2 for positive pressure fire test • UL and cUL listed for use on fire doors • 10 Year Warranty • While meeting the 5 lb. ADA requirements, the 421 still provides exceptional force to close and latch door • Square spindle provides fool proof arm installation • Push or pull installations with the same closer body • Adjustable spring power allows 421 closers a size range of 1 through 6 • Closer bodies are non-handed • Designed to meet ADA requirements in push or pull track applications • Standard pressure relief valves for both opening and closing cycles protect the door & frame from damage caused by abuse • High impact non-corrosive one piece plastic covers standard (Optional metal cover available) Heavy Duty Construction • Heavy duty one piece high silicon content aluminum alloy body provides corrosion resistance, superior strength and wear resistance • Dual pistons provide superior door control and high efficiency • 1/2" arm engagement over a 7/16 square spindle ensures a wear-resistant tight joint • Full complement roller bearings provide resistance to abuse Valve • Separate low sensitivity brass control valves offer ability to separately regulate door speed, latching, backcheck • All valves are captured to prevent accidental removal; adjustable with a 5/32" Allen wrench • Adjustable backcheck protects the door and hardware from damage during the opening cycle Please call a Dugmore & Duncan Sales Technician For Assistance 224 SARGENT ®

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