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SARGENT ® 351 Series

SARGENT ® 351 Series Door Closers The Powerglide® line of surface and concealed door closers has been engineered to meet the demands of the modern architect and building owner. All series compliment each other, and together offer a complete line for interior and exterior doors. They have quality and important to today’s architectural concepts where doors are subject to highly sophisticated climatic control systems and various traffic patterns to equip a building with just the right closer for every door; to maintain a uniform, contemporary and specify Sargent®. Features • ANSI/BHMA A156.4 Grade 1 • Conforms to standards UL 10C and UBC 7-2 (1997). Positive Pressure Fire Tests of door assemblies • UL Listed and cUL Listed to Canadian Safety Standards listed for use on fire doors • 10-year warranty • Versatile mounting applications permit standard, top jamb, parallel and track installations • Adjustable spring power allows 351 closers a size range of 1 through 6. They are adjusted to size 3 before leaving the factory • One door closer body for all applications, non-handed • ADA requirements are met with the 351 in all applications except Push Side Track application • High impact non-corrosive plastic covers standard, metal optional. Both secured with two machine screws • All weather capabilities • Captivated brass valves Available with the antimicrobial finish. Learn more on page 4 Heavy Duty Construction • Heat treated full closed rack and pinion provide control from the fulll open position • Heavy duty one piece die cast aluminum silicon alloy body with 14% silicon provides superior strength and wear resistance How to order EB 351 Finish Series (888) DUGMORE 888.384.6673 Separate Brass Low Sensitivity Adjusting Valves • Brass body low sensitivity control valves offer separate regulating for door speed, latching, backcheck and optional delayed action • All valves are controlled by a 1/8" Allen wrench to discourage tampering and are captivated to prevent removing valves from the body and damaging door closer • Adjustable backcheck, standard, protects the door and hardware from damage during the opening cycle • Adjustable delayed action, optional, permits easy access for physically impaired individuals. 225 Fax: 888.329.3846 UO Arm Style

(888) DUGMORE 888.384.6673 1331 Series Door Closers The SARGENT 1331 Series door closer is a Grade 1 fully adjustable closer suitable for new construction and also ideal for renovations. Available with a selection of arms and accessories, the 1331 Series door closer can be used for most common applications and is ideal for standard duty installations. Common applications include offices, assisted living facilities, hotel guest rooms, public housing and retail establishments. For doors that are frequently held open, use either a 1530 or 1540 Series overhead stop or a Power Glide Series door closer with a PSH or CPSH arm. Strength, Durability and Security • Meets and exceeds ANSI/BHMA A156.4 Grade 1 requirements • UL and UL 10C listed • Complies with ADA requirements and ANSI 111.7 and exterior doors • Adjustable closing force range from size 1 - 6 • High impact full plastic cover secured by machine screws • One-piece high strength aluminum alloy body • 1-1/4” diameter piston for enhanced control • 7/16” square arm engagement for enhanced torque transmission • Heat treated rack & pinion provides longevity • Speed Control Valves - Separate latching, closing/sweep and back check intensity valves - Captivated valves are easily adjusted using a standard 1/8” Allen wrench • Arms and accessories are powder-coated • 5 year limited warranty, body is date coded Fax: 888.329.3846 Available with the antimicrobial finish. Learn more on page 4 Convenience • Non-handed closer • All weather hydraulic fluid • Easily installed in minutes! • Easy-to-use instructions • Full size paper templates • Mortise nuts available when door condition requires through bolting • Tri Pack or "Universal Packed" - JUO or JUH (Hold Open). Packages include one extra bracket that gives the installer a choice for installation from Standard, Parallel or Top Jamb applications. • When Tri-Pack is not required, specific application can be ordered. How to order EB 1331 Finish Series UO Arm Style Flexibility • Retrofits a Dor-O-Matic SC 80 and Dorma 8600 • Both machine and self-tapping screws provided • Universal body is interchangeable for all applications (standard, top jamb & parallel) • Designed for aluminum store front doors and frames • Similar design style to complement the Heavy Duty Powerglide Series • Allows door to open a full 180° (trim permitting) Applications • Office Buildings • Assisted Living Facilities • Hotel Guest Rooms • Public Housing • Retail Establishments 226 SARGENT ®