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SARGENT ® Profile Series v.S2 Access Control How to order (888) DUGMORE 888.384.6673 The SARGENT® Profile Series v.S2 intelligent WiFi products with Lock Management Tool software provide the ability to manage hardware from a centralized location through an existing wireless network. The Profile Series v.S2 provides a broad selection of technologies, features and mechanical locking means housed in a sleek, architecturally pleasing design. Programming and security management is performed utilizing the ASSA ABLOY Lock Management Tool (LMT) or a third party access control system. All products utilize a microprocessor based controller with non-volatile memory to preserve user information. All technology features are supported by the physical security of a SARGENT ANSI Grade 1 mechanical locking device: Mortise, Bored or Exit. These access control devices allow for optimal electronic control and are UL Listed for use on fire doors. Trims and finishes are identical among the various technology offerings (v.S2-PA, v.S2-PK) allowing for a cost-effective combination and design. All technologies with a keypad feature, have the option of using pin codes (4 digits) as an added measure of security. Each credential can be programmed to operate the lock in a variety of modes tailored to the opening. Typical modes include Unlock, Extended Unlock, Passage and Panic.* The Lock Management Tool is a Windows®-based application that allows the programming, interrogation and overall management of the facility's Profile Series v.S2 locks (up to 25) from a centralized location. The LMT application, on a PC, and the Profile Series v.S2 locks communicate using a wireless (IEEE 802.11 b/g) infrastructure. This centralized control satisfies the need to protect occupants in a building, including updating access privileges, audit trail reporting, alarms and door status monitoring (open/close). Exit Device shown “S2-PA” Proximity Only Products “S2-PK” Proximity/Keypad Products The “S2-PA” (proximity only) configuration of networked access control products provide a higher level of security by utilizing proximity credentials only. The lock is programmed utilizing LMT or third party access control (via SDK). This configuration is ideal for high traffic applications where keypad usage is less desirable: universities, laboratories or hospitals. For available designer trim, please turn to pages 1-2. Learn more on page 3 Mortise shown The “S2-PK” (proximity/keypad) version of networked access control products offers the highest level of security and flexibility. Programming and security management is done utilizing LMT or third party access control (via SDK). The "S2-PK" can be programmed to require both proximity and Pin Code (4 digits) to gain entry or proximity only. Please call a Dugmore & Duncan Sales Technician For Assistance Available with the antimicrobial finish. Learn more on page 4 253 Fax: 888.329.3846

(888) DUGMORE 888.384.6673 Harmony Series H1 The Harmony Series H1 products are easily integrated into a Wiegand compatible access control system. The Harmony Series H1 uses 125 kHz HID proximity reader technology. The H1 is a sleek, pleasing design with technology that is backed by SARGENT's Grade 1 hardware including: the 8200 Mortise Lock, 10 Line Bored lock and a variety of 80 Series Exit Devices (SVR, CVR, Rim and Mortise). The Exit Devices are available UL Listed for use on fire rated doors. Lever designs and finishes for the H1 Series are offered for the three types of locks to create continuity of design. The Harmony Series monitoring features vary based on the type of lock. Example: The Harmony Mortise lock includes request to exit and the door position switch all integrated into the lock. All Harmony products offers solenoid (Fail Safe or Fail Secure) operation. Common Features of Harmony Series H1 Products • A hard-wired platform for use with existing Wiegand compatible access control systems • Centralized control of all locks using customer's existing access control system • For use on exterior doors with appropriate weatherseal gasket • A multi-colored LED indicates card read activity and can be manually controlled by access control panel • Audible beep sounds with card reader • UL Listed for fire doors available (12- for exit devices) • UL Listed to Canadian safety standards • 12VDC external power required, optional 24VDC operation available (reader always 12VDC) • Solenoid Controlled with the option of Fail Safe or Fail Secure • ElectroLynx® connector system • Monitoring is based on lock type selected Fax: 888.329.3846 For available designer trim, please turn to pages 1-2. How to order Electrical Specifications 12VDC System: Electrical Specifications for all Harmony Locks: Reader Draw = 40mA (normal state) & 150mA (inrush) 12VDC Solenoid Draw = 500mA (normal State) Total System Draw = 540mA 24VDC System (Reader Electronics always require 12VDC) Electrical Specifications for all Harmony Locks: Reader Draw = 40mA (normal state) & 150mA (inrush) 24VDC Solenoid Draw = 250mA (normal State) Total System Draw = 290mA Learn more on page 3 Mortise Shown Please call a Dugmore & Duncan Sales Technician For Assistance Available with the antimicrobial finish. Learn more on page 4 254 SARGENT ®

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