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Farina - Pennsylvania State University

Farina - Pennsylvania State University

Dietrich sullenly

Dietrich sullenly persisted. ‘Then, look!’ said the White Rose, reddening under the pale dawn; ‘he shall not, he shall not go with you.’ One of the Club was here on the point of speaking to the White Rose,—a breach of the captain’s privilege. Dietrich felled him unresisting to earth, and resumed: ‘It must be done, Beauty of Cologne! the monk, Father Gregory, is now enduring shame and scorn for lack of this truant witness.’ ‘Enough! I go !’ said Farina. ‘You leave me?’ Margarita looked tender reproach. Weariness and fierce excitement had given a liquid flame to her eyes and an endearing darkness round their circles that matched strangely with her plump youth. Her features had a soft white flush. She was less radiant, but never looked so bewitching. An aspect of sweet human languor caught at the heart of love, and raised tumults. ‘It is a duty,’ said Farina. ‘Then go,’ she beckoned, and held her hand for him to kiss. He raised it to his lips. This was seen of all the Club. As they were departing with Farina, and Guy prepared to Farina 88 demand admittance into the convent, Dietrich chanced to ask how fared Dame Lisbeth. Schwartz Thier was by, and answered, with a laugh, that he had quite forgotten the little lady. ‘We took her in mistake for you, mistress! She was a one to scream! The moment she was kissed—mum as a cloister. We kissed her, all of us, for the fun of it. No harm—no harm! We should have dropped her when we found we had the old bird ‘stead of the young one, but reckoned ransom, ye see. She’s at the Eck, rattling, I’s wager, like last year’s nut in the shell!’ ‘Lisbeth! Lisbeth! poor Lisbeth; we will return to her. Instantly,’ cried Margarita. ‘Not you,’ said Guy. ‘Yes! I!’ ‘No!’ said Guy. ‘Gallant Goshawk! best of birds, let me go!’ ‘Without me or Farina, never! I see I shall have no chance with my lord now. Come, then, come, fair Irresistible! come, lads. Farina can journey back alone. You shall have the renown of rescuing Dame Lisbeth.’ ‘Farina! forget not to comfort my father,’ said Margarita. Between Margarita’s society and Farina’s, there was little

George Meredith dispute in the captain’s mind which choice to make. Farina THE THE BA BACK-BL BA CK-BL CK-BLOWS CK-BL WS WS OF OF SA SATHANAS SA THANAS was allowed to travel single to Cologne; and Dietrich, petted by Margarita, and gently jeered by Guy, headed the Club MONK GREGORY was pacing the high road between the Im- from Laach waters to the castle of the Robber Baron. perial camp and suffering Cologne. The sun had risen through interminable distances of cloud that held him remote in a succession of receding mounds and thinner veils, realm beyond realm, till he showed fireless, like a phantom king in a phantom land. The lark was in the breast of morning. The field-mouse ran along the furrows. Dews hung red and grey on the weedy banks and wayside trees. At times the nostril of the good father was lifted, and he beat his breast, relapsing into sorrowful contemplation. Passed-any citizen of Cologne, the ghostly head sunk into its cowl. ‘There’s a black raven!’ said many. Monk Gregory heard them, and murmured, ‘Thou hast me, Evil one! thou hast me!’ It was noon when Farina came clattering down from the camp. ‘Father,’ said he, ‘I have sought thee.’ ‘My son!’ exclaimed Monk Gregory with silencing hand, ‘thou didst not well to leave me contending against the tongues of doubt. Answer me not. The maiden! and what 89

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