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Click to download catalog (large file be patient - Gennaro Jewelers

Click to download catalog (large file be patient - Gennaro Jewelers

FDNY 2 2012 Genuine

FDNY 2 2012 Genuine Black Onyx Lieutenant Rings 2014 2017 Brilliant Diamond Accents extending down the side of the ring Genuine Black Onyx 2020 Narrower verson of 2018 Gennaro Jewelers 800-304-4376 2015 2013 “FDNY” deep carved sides Genuine Black Onyx Brilliant Diamond Accents! 2018 j Ladies Rings Delicate design! 2021 2019 “FDNY” deep carved sides 2022 Brilliant Diamond Accents! 2016

FDNY 5 Firefighter Pendants All ranks are available in all three sizes! Penny size Nickel size Quarter size * chains additional Gennaro Jewelers 800-304-4376

click to download catalog ( large file be patient - Gennaro Jewelers
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