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GUIDE TO<br />



A step-by-step <strong>guide</strong> <strong>to</strong><br />

Smart Locker technology that<br />

redefines desk-side IT support<br />

- A Velocity Smart company -

A <strong>guide</strong> <strong>to</strong> explaining the complete<br />

features and functionality<br />

of Smart Locker technology<br />

<strong>to</strong> provide a clear vision of the<br />

benefits for your business.<br />

This eBook shares the experiences the Velocity Smart Technology team<br />

has developed over years of successfully delivering Smart Lockers for<br />

cus<strong>to</strong>mers across almost every industry.<br />

This is a must read for anyone wanting <strong>to</strong> understand more about Smart<br />

Locker technology, and <strong>to</strong> ensure they have all the details that will allow<br />

them make an informed decision.<br />

Find out more at www.velocity-<strong>smart</strong>.com<br />



4.<br />

Introduction<br />

7.<br />

What is a Smart Locker?<br />

8.<br />

What can a Smart<br />

Locker be used for?<br />

12.<br />

Why should you have<br />

a Smart Locker in your<br />

business?<br />

14.<br />

Smart Locker<br />

applications and use<br />

cases for IT teams?<br />

21.<br />

The benefits of<br />

Velocity’s Smart Locker<br />

technology<br />

24.<br />

How much do Smart<br />

Lockers cost?<br />

25.<br />

Decision time<br />



In <strong>to</strong>day’s digital-first world, all aspects of end-user services — from apps <strong>to</strong> s<strong>to</strong>rage —<br />

are now digital and cloud-based. But when it comes <strong>to</strong> the delivery, collection, management<br />

and tracking of IT equipment, it’s still overwhelmingly manual and time-consuming.<br />

This reliance on manual processes hasn’t changed in the last 20 years. Year-on-year<br />

companies continue <strong>to</strong> lose millions of pounds/dollars <strong>to</strong> poor IT asset management,<br />

provision and maintenance. Highly skilled IT teams spend a great deal of their time having<br />

<strong>to</strong> manually approve replacement equipment requests and delivering equipment by hand.<br />


The result? Operations are hindered. Costs escalate. Equipment can only be provisioned<br />

during office hours and — perhaps worst of all — the whole process is prone <strong>to</strong> human error.<br />

On average, IT teams spend 2.9 days <strong>to</strong> fulfil user requests for replacement equipment, and<br />

IT asset management equates <strong>to</strong> 20% of all the time spent on end-user computing support.<br />

Businesses can, and should, do more.<br />

The good news is that with Smart Locker technology it is now entirely possible <strong>to</strong> achieve<br />

reliable, round-the-clock desk-side IT support.<br />

This complete <strong>guide</strong> <strong>to</strong> Smart Locker technology will walk you through<br />

four main areas:<br />

What a Smart<br />

Locker is<br />

Why your business should<br />

have a Smart Locker<br />

How a Smart<br />

Locker works<br />

The benefits of Smart<br />

Locker technology<br />

Each of these contains further elements worth considering, with their own<br />

specific pitfalls. So let’s explore.<br />


What is<br />


a Smart Locker?<br />

Smart Lockers are secure s<strong>to</strong>rage and distribution systems with integrated computers and<br />

sensor networks that allow them <strong>to</strong> au<strong>to</strong>mate package selection, notification, and delivery.<br />

Many of us might be familiar with the sight of yellow Amazon delivery <strong>lockers</strong> <strong>to</strong> allow<br />

consumers <strong>to</strong> collect their parcels at a time that is convenient for them. Using Smart Locker<br />

technology for IT deskside support in businesses is a similar concept.<br />

In the case of IT equipment, for example, Smart Lockers enable IT support teams <strong>to</strong> quickly<br />

and easily secure, manage and distribute IT hardware.<br />

Smart Lockers are used for high-value items like projec<strong>to</strong>rs, lap<strong>to</strong>ps, tablets and mobile<br />

phones and multiple complex workflows and use cases including Break Fix, Lending<br />

(Borrow and Return), and IT requests.<br />


High-value items<br />

LED projec<strong>to</strong>r<br />

Lap<strong>to</strong>p<br />

Tablet / Mobile<br />


Would it work in a<br />

Once a package is delivered <strong>to</strong> a Smart Locker or, indeed if it is already s<strong>to</strong>cked<br />

in a Smart Locker, the recipient is au<strong>to</strong>matically notified that their package is<br />

available for pickup and provided with access instructions. This can be in the<br />

form of a unique code, order number or barcode that can be scanned by the<br />

Smart Locker. Once at the locker, the user enters their pick-up code, scans their<br />

barcode or scans their staff ID badge — and gets access <strong>to</strong> their package.<br />

The ‘dumb’ way <strong>to</strong> replace IT assets<br />

User asks for something<br />

from their service desk<br />

Service desk assigns a<br />

task <strong>to</strong> put that item in<br />

the locker <strong>to</strong> the deskside<br />

support person<br />

Deskside support person<br />

puts the item in the locker<br />

Code gets sent <strong>to</strong> the<br />

user that the item is<br />

ready <strong>to</strong> collect<br />

User collects<br />

the item<br />

Deskside support assigns<br />

an item <strong>to</strong> the user in ITSM<br />

platform and closes the<br />

original ticket<br />


eal life scenario?<br />

The ‘Smart’ way <strong>to</strong> replace IT assets<br />

User selects an item from<br />

the catalogue in their<br />

ServiceNow ITSM portal<br />

If the item is a locker-enabled<br />

item, they are given the<br />

option of the nearest locker<br />

with that item<br />

Use the<br />

selected locker<br />

Code is emailed <strong>to</strong><br />

the user for collection<br />

of the item<br />

User collects the item from<br />

the locker<br />

The request ticket<br />

is au<strong>to</strong>matically<br />

closed and the item is<br />

assigned <strong>to</strong> the user<br />


Can Smart Locker<br />

technology do<br />

more than just<br />

s<strong>to</strong>re, distribute<br />

and manage items?<br />

Without question - Yes! For IT teams provisioning lap<strong>to</strong>ps for new starters, for instance,<br />

the most modern Smart Lockers can now charge those lap<strong>to</strong>ps (or peripherals) while<br />

they’re idle, allowing new recruits <strong>to</strong> hit the ground running.<br />

Standard <strong>smart</strong> <strong>lockers</strong> enable IT departments <strong>to</strong> improve maintenance and repair,<br />

and basic asset management through accurate tracking and moni<strong>to</strong>ring when a device is<br />

collected from an authorised locker. This means that IT teams spend less time delivering<br />

and collecting assets themselves, redefining desk-side IT support. However, standard <strong>smart</strong><br />

<strong>lockers</strong> do have limitations.<br />


Using the range of features that Velocity has built within it’s ServiceNow certified<br />

application - Smart Collect - IT teams can connect <strong>to</strong> the range of Velocity Smart <strong>lockers</strong><br />

and Vending Machines and request lap<strong>to</strong>ps, phones, peripherals or spares from their<br />

existing online Service Portal and then pick them up directly from your Velocity Smart<br />

Locker. What’s more, setting up the <strong>smart</strong> locker system takes merely a few hours and<br />

once this has been completed, your IT department can immediately enjoy the benefits<br />

of an au<strong>to</strong>mated locker system.<br />

Of course, achieving this kind of seamless capability requires the right software and<br />

implementation. In most organisations it is difficult <strong>to</strong> deploy Smart Lockers seamlessly<br />

and without a large amount of cus<strong>to</strong>m functionality because there are often several other<br />

solutions and services that need <strong>to</strong> be consolidated and connected in the process.<br />

If you want <strong>to</strong> find out<br />

more about integrating<br />

Smart Lockers in<strong>to</strong> your<br />

business - download our<br />

<strong>guide</strong> ‘How <strong>to</strong> design a<br />

Smart Locker solution’<br />


Why should your<br />

business use Smart<br />

Locker technology?<br />

Smart Lockers can be used for a variety of purposes and across different industries, but<br />

ultimately the benefits are increased performance of IT departments, cost savings of IT<br />

assets and improved cus<strong>to</strong>mer satisfaction because everyone can access the equipment<br />

and <strong>to</strong>ols they need, when they need them. Other key benefits include:<br />

Improved operations<br />

Smart feedback and communication features let businesses build whole new<br />

workflows when it comes <strong>to</strong> the distribution, management and provision<br />

of IT equipment.<br />

Better insight in<strong>to</strong> device usage<br />

Accurately track and moni<strong>to</strong>r what, where and how IT equipment is being<br />

used, giving your IT department a deeper insight in<strong>to</strong> its ITSM strategy.<br />

Keeping track of assets also increases security as IT teams will be able<br />

<strong>to</strong> ensure devices are compliant with the latest industry standards.<br />


Around-the-clock operation<br />

Provides a reliable and effective way for employees <strong>to</strong> get <strong>to</strong> equipment in<br />

emergency situations — Smart Lockers come with battery backups, allowing<br />

workers <strong>to</strong> charge equipment in the event of an electrical outage, for example.<br />

Reduced asset losses<br />

No more human error. Receive, track, moni<strong>to</strong>r and redistribute with complete<br />

confidence in where assets are, including when and why they were taken out.<br />

Track usage and see exactly when they’re returned.<br />

Reduced labour costs<br />

Au<strong>to</strong>mation means no more of the time-consuming tasks that come with<br />

manual asset management. Transactions can be done by recipients —<br />

including logging assets in and out for use. Surveillance will ensure the right<br />

devices are returned. Alerts will also keep everyone apprised of the situation.<br />

Employee/cus<strong>to</strong>mer satisfaction<br />

With instant access <strong>to</strong> the equipment and peripherals they need — all without<br />

having <strong>to</strong> wait days or weeks for IT <strong>to</strong> respond — your employees (or your<br />

cus<strong>to</strong>mers if you are a MSP) will be happier, more productive and more<br />

appreciative of your IT team.<br />


Smart Locker<br />

applications and<br />

use cases for IT teams<br />

Smart Lockers are more than just “s<strong>to</strong>rage spaces”. Thanks <strong>to</strong> their robust array of<br />

features and connectivity, they are essentially central “points” for inven<strong>to</strong>ry management,<br />

maintenance, fulfillment and redistribution.<br />

From checking where assets are <strong>to</strong> requesting new devices in real time, Smart Lockers make<br />

it easier for IT teams and inven<strong>to</strong>ry managers <strong>to</strong> provide employees with the equipment they<br />

need, when they need it.<br />

Here are just a few applications and use cases for Smart Lockers.<br />


Many businesses rely on employees using expensive portable electronic devices in the office,<br />

field or home — whether they’re using lap<strong>to</strong>ps, mobile phones or otherwise. The challenge,<br />

however, is ensuring end-<strong>to</strong>-end visibility of those devices — and ensuring they are replaced<br />

and managed effectively.<br />


Typically, employees must wait on average 2.9 days for new or replacement IT equipment,<br />

this is a 60% efficiency loss of their working week. If we apply the average salary an office<br />

worker equates <strong>to</strong> £47,297 per year, this is a productivity loss of £311 that the business has<br />

<strong>to</strong> absorb. Individually this amount is negligible, However, if you apply this <strong>to</strong> an enterprise<br />

organisation that employs 5000 people and each person has just one of these issues - this<br />

is £1.5m of needlessly lost productivity.<br />

Using Smart Locker technology, businesses can achieve a 20% increase in IT onsite support<br />

capacity <strong>to</strong> focus on higher value services - which is equivalent <strong>to</strong> an increase of £780,000<br />

in productivity.<br />

Using our example 5000 employee business, which is likely <strong>to</strong> have 185 IT team<br />

members with 30% focussed on end user support, this would be the equivalent of<br />

having 30 additional employees each earning an average of £50,000 per year!<br />


With Smart Locker technology, IT teams can easily manage device fulfilment and collection.<br />

Think of Smart Lockers as connected inven<strong>to</strong>ries — as businesses can see what assets are<br />

available and who is using them, they can make informed decisions about what equipment<br />

they need more of.<br />

For example, IT may find that employees are taking out more headphones and keyboards,<br />

highlighting a need <strong>to</strong> replenish or scale up that inven<strong>to</strong>ry.<br />



Smart Lockers make asset collection and repair incredibly easy. Devices can be left in an<br />

authorised locker (that’s perhaps dedicated <strong>to</strong> asset repair, maintenance and replacement)<br />

<strong>to</strong> be picked up by a third-party IT service.<br />

Also, as IT can moni<strong>to</strong>r the asset and the locker, they’ll know when it’s been picked up and<br />

can better plan their IT estate moving forward.<br />

Once devices are repaired or replaced, they can be left in a collection locker (or a locker<br />

dedicated <strong>to</strong> replacements or repairs) for employees <strong>to</strong> retrieve. It’s that simple.<br />


Smart Lockers enable rapid tracking of devices on-site. This is because the <strong>lockers</strong> are<br />

connected, via the internet, <strong>to</strong> the business’ network, meaning they can be moni<strong>to</strong>red<br />

by IT at any point.<br />

To improve asset tracking, the devices in the <strong>lockers</strong> can be fitted with RFID tags — a unique<br />

serial number that can be recorded against a piece of equipment and tracked using the<br />

appropriate asset tracking software.<br />

With this kind of visibility, it becomes incredibly easy <strong>to</strong> collect and track the right<br />

equipment and improve the security of devices across the enterprise.<br />



Another key benefit of Smart Lockers is the ability <strong>to</strong> “borrow” and “return” equipment<br />

as and when it’s needed.<br />

For employees working in a different city or different office — or even those that have<br />

forgotten their lap<strong>to</strong>p charger, mouse or headphones, for example — Smart Lockers can<br />

act as a reposi<strong>to</strong>ry or temporary s<strong>to</strong>re for equipment in demand.<br />

Employees can simply use their Smart Locker application (provided by the business) <strong>to</strong><br />

locate one of the business’ <strong>lockers</strong> that contains the equipment they need. From<br />

the app, they can see s<strong>to</strong>ck availability and business Smart Lockers in the vicinity.<br />

With borrow and return capabilities, Smart Lockers can act as always available<br />

dispensing machines.<br />


Why should you<br />

have a Smart Locker<br />

in your business?<br />

However, while Smart Lockers can be<br />

used across a variety of business contexts,<br />

implementing them effectively (and<br />

choosing the right software <strong>to</strong> operate<br />

them) can be challenging.<br />

Standard Smart Locker solutions, i.e. those<br />

without robust on-site or desk-side IT<br />

support, often require full integration and<br />

take IT support teams more time <strong>to</strong> deliver<br />

equipment, not less.<br />

To make matters worse, the API alone<br />

often doesn’t provide the functionality the<br />

cus<strong>to</strong>mer needs.<br />

But not with Velocity<br />

Smart Lockers.<br />

We live in a world that expects a rapid<br />

response <strong>to</strong> solving a problem. We live<br />

amongst an ‘on-demand generation’,<br />

and IT support is no different.<br />

The issue is that some locker<br />

manufacturers claim <strong>to</strong> have application<br />

interfaces (APIs) that allow their <strong>lockers</strong><br />

<strong>to</strong> connect <strong>to</strong> their cus<strong>to</strong>mers’ ITSM<br />

platforms — but this can be costly<br />

and time-consuming.<br />

Remote and desk-side IT support is now the<br />

norm for many businesses, from start-ups <strong>to</strong><br />

large multinational enterprises. If something<br />

isn’t working, employees can simply go <strong>to</strong><br />

their IT support desk, log a ticket and get<br />

help within the hour.<br />


This model has drastically reduced business<br />

downtime and improved operational<br />

efficiency, but — as mentioned before —<br />

the replacement, management and provision<br />

of IT equipment lags considerably behind.<br />

At Velocity, we take a <strong>smart</strong>, efficiencydriven<br />

approach <strong>to</strong> the replacement,<br />

management and provision of IT equipment<br />

by implementing Smart Locker technology<br />

and desk-side support, providing our<br />

cus<strong>to</strong>mers with fast, frictionless access<br />

<strong>to</strong> vital equipment, 24/7.<br />

The reason for this is simple:<br />

everything’s digital.<br />

Across the world, more and more of us<br />

are working in a hybrid fashion — at home,<br />

remotely or in the office. As such, we need<br />

round-the-clock access <strong>to</strong> equipment. We<br />

don’t want <strong>to</strong> waste time waiting for it.<br />

And businesses are quickly realising the<br />

potential of Smart Locker technology:<br />

by 2025, the global Smart Locker market<br />

is expected <strong>to</strong> be worth $1.2 billion USD.<br />

As it stands, Velocity is the fastest-growing<br />

solution provider in the Global Smart<br />

Locker space and the only provider of<br />

the extensible ServiceNow application in<br />

conjunction with Smart Locker technology.<br />

ServiceNow can be integrated in<strong>to</strong><br />

a variety of ITSM platforms and apps<br />

and its light footprint means you don’t<br />

have <strong>to</strong> worry about altering your IT<br />

infrastructure. This makes Velocity<br />

the most affordable and effective solution<br />

for large corporations (and the best Smart<br />

Locker service provider).<br />

Through Velocity’s Smart Locker<br />

technology, it becomes possible<br />

<strong>to</strong> provide equipment and vital peripherals<br />

<strong>to</strong> employees at scale.<br />


The benefits of Velocity’s<br />


Smart Locker technology<br />

At the heart of our Smart Locker technologies and solutions is Velocity Smart Collect, the<br />

world’s first (and only) ServiceNow certified app which brings click-and-collect functionality<br />

<strong>to</strong> your business.<br />

Your employees (or your cus<strong>to</strong>mers’ employees) can leverage this solution <strong>to</strong> request<br />

hardware and peripherals that can be collected (on approval by their IT team) from a<br />

Velocity Smart Locker.<br />

After the request is approved, they will receive a secure email with a collection bar-code. This<br />

process is 95% faster than traditional IT equipment delivery.<br />

The app is always up <strong>to</strong> date with its ServiceNow version, is 100% secure and can be installed<br />

in just a matter of hours. It’s also the first-ever app <strong>to</strong> support domain separation, making it<br />

ideal for Managed Service Providers (MSPs) with multiple areas of operation.<br />

However, one of the most important benefits of Velocity’s Smart Locker technology is a lack<br />

of technical debt.<br />




Plug and go<br />

Featuring cloud-based, WiFi &<br />

3G connectivity, Velocity Smart<br />

Locker and Vending solutions can<br />

be connected <strong>to</strong> your business’<br />

network (or cus<strong>to</strong>mer’s network)<br />

in no time at all.<br />

Branded for your business<br />

(or cus<strong>to</strong>mer)<br />

Make the technology your own<br />

and wow your employees and/or<br />

cus<strong>to</strong>mers with branded Smart<br />

Locker and vending solutions.<br />

network) in no time at all.<br />

Encrypted with secure<br />

cloud integration<br />

Worried about security? No<br />

need <strong>to</strong> be. Our solutions are<br />

100% secure and capture no<br />

personal data whatsoever.<br />

Remotely moni<strong>to</strong>red<br />

Check the status of assets in<br />

your Smart Lockers, who has<br />

accessed them, s<strong>to</strong>ck levels,<br />

requests, collections and<br />

much more.<br />

Configurable<br />

Easily manage and configure<br />

your Smart Lockers from a<br />

central portal — ServiceNow.<br />

Determine who can access<br />

them, including what<br />

information is captured.<br />

Versatile<br />

Suitable for any requirement,<br />

Velocity Smart Lockers and<br />

Vending solutions can be scaled<br />

up and down depending on<br />

what you need. We have a<br />

variety of sizes available.<br />


Multi-input<br />

Ensure your assets are<br />

secure by requesting<br />

multiple authentication<br />

methods, including RFID,<br />

barcode scanning and and<br />

graphical user interface.<br />

Connectivity<br />

Link multiple <strong>lockers</strong> <strong>to</strong>gether<br />

<strong>to</strong> get a clear and unified<br />

view of specific assets being<br />

requested, used and returned.<br />

Multi-usage<br />

Fix, borrow and return<br />

devices with ease.<br />

Employees can also<br />

use <strong>lockers</strong> for personal<br />

deliveries, while HR teams<br />

can use them for new<br />

starter equipment and/or<br />

device rollouts.<br />

Combined with the<br />

Smart Collect app<br />

Provide seamless ordering<br />

and collection for both<br />

employees and IT teams —<br />

orders are managed and<br />

approved by authorised<br />

personnel, this includes s<strong>to</strong>ck<br />

<strong>to</strong>lerance and res<strong>to</strong>cking.<br />


How much do Smart<br />

Lockers cost?<br />

To answer this question, it’s important <strong>to</strong> think about the <strong>to</strong>tal cost of ownership and how<br />

that is calculated. Our supporting <strong>guide</strong> ‘How <strong>to</strong> build a Business case for Smart Lockers’,<br />

goes in<strong>to</strong> more detail about this.<br />

At Velocity, our Smart Lockers and Smart Vending machines are integrated directly with the<br />

cus<strong>to</strong>mer’s ServiceNow through our industry-leading application Smart Collect. This means<br />

that when one is updated, so is the other. We also encourage our cus<strong>to</strong>mers <strong>to</strong> think of the<br />

<strong>lockers</strong> as integral parts of their overall operation, not standalone solutions designed <strong>to</strong> solve<br />

one or two problems. The result is that they change how they think and utilise the <strong>lockers</strong>,<br />

ensuring that they are incorporated in<strong>to</strong> everything they do and employees are on board.<br />

Unfortunately, many organisations have a lot of technical debt, which essentially means that<br />

their solutions and <strong>to</strong>ols are managed in a disconnected fashion. What happens is that they<br />

purchase Smart Lockers with the aim of solving one or two problems, but treat them as<br />

standalone solutions and don’t integrate them correctly.<br />


They then have <strong>to</strong> configure each individual solution <strong>to</strong> work with the rest of their<br />

infrastructure, as changes <strong>to</strong> one means changes need <strong>to</strong> be made <strong>to</strong> the others. This takes<br />

time, expertise, and a great deal of money <strong>to</strong> manage — especially when you think about<br />

the security tests and updates that need <strong>to</strong> be installed.<br />

Overall, this approach ends up costing businesses far more than it needs <strong>to</strong>. We provide<br />

a simple, cost-effective and fully integrated solution that is always up-<strong>to</strong>-date.<br />

Decision time<br />

Velocity Smart technology can transform your IT support with the world’s first and<br />

only ServiceNow certified Smart Locker and Smart Vending solution. The Velocity Smart<br />

Collect App means no new applications <strong>to</strong> install, which saves time for your support teams<br />

and users, offering the lowest <strong>to</strong>tal cost of ownership by proven, demonstrable savings<br />

in support effort and asset procurement costs.<br />



16 Red Lion Square<br />

London<br />


WC1R 4QH<br />

ONLINE<br />

www.velocity-<strong>smart</strong>.com<br />

CALL<br />

+44 (0)20 3608 2768<br />

MAIL<br />

info@velocity-<strong>smart</strong>.com<br />

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