Archive of e-mails for Master Students 'BioSciences' Master ...

Archive of e-mails for Master Students 'BioSciences' Master ...

(examination office). When the courses and the examinations of the module have been

finished, the resulting final grade is passed to the examination office, and thereafter can be

checked online via QIS-POS by you.

b) The following stand-alone practicals can be integrated into modules VM1-3:

i) Practicals offered also for Bachelor students (‘Aufbaupraktikum’)

ii) Research practicals with accompanying Seminar (similar to VM5)

iii) external practicals (if approved by a professor or our Faculty with expertise in the field)

However, research practicals and external practicals cannot be part of a rated VM1-3.

c) Modules VM1-3 are generally being graded, either by a single final examination, or by two

or three partial examinations. In addition, non-graded examinations or achievements

(presentations, protocols etc.) can be required for successful achievement of the module. If a

partial examination is rated with ‘not passed’, the organising professor decides whether only

this or more examinations have to be repeated.

d) After having successfully finished the three modules VM1-3, you inform the Prüfungsamt

(during your personal registration for the Master Thesis), the grades of which two modules

you have chosen for calculation of the final Master grade.

e) You are strongly recommended to perform the three VMs (VM1-VM3) in different groups,

in order to keep your Master Studies diverse. This is mandatory if you want to do your Master

Thesis in the same group in which you have already done your Bachelor Thesis. Otherwise,

you need the approval of the organizing professor and future supervisor of your Master

Thesis, to perform two VMs (VM1-3) in his or her group. In this case, however, only one of

these VMs can be graded.

2. Modules VM4 (courses of choice) and VM5 (research practical plus seminar)

The examinations for these courses are generally non-graded. They are reported by the

organisers to the Prüfungsamt as ‘passed’ or ‘not passed’.

Comprehensive informations about the Master Courses in this Winter Semester are available

via the KIS online information system of the university (

66&tguid=0xF63FFC2F4BC6A1469AC186FAAFD336E ). Although the website is in German,

it is not too difficult for the foreigners of you to find the Courses of interest, otherwise please

ask you colleagues or tutors for help. Informations via KIS to the Master Courses that are

offered in the coming Summer Semester (2010) will be available in a few days!

With best regards,

Matthias Hahn

Master BioSciences Newsletter 5-09


Dear Master Students,

This is a short message regarding an advanced practical to be used for a VM1-VM3 Master

module: The practical ‘Molecular Genetics’, organized by Profs. Nora Zingler and John

Cullum, will be moved from the 1 st to the 3 rd third of the summer semester (see attachment).

With best regards,

Matthias Hahn

Master BioSciences Newsletter 4-09


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